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Adept I

7900xtx Low Performance in SteamVR and VR in general

Purchased a 7900xtx at Microcenter on launch.  Just installed it tonight.  Replaced a 6800xt.  I'm running a 5600x CPU.


When my PC boots the bios screen is green.

When I try to play steamvr (The only reason why I upgraded) the performance is terrible.

Using FPSvr I can see that I am all in the green as far as frame time.  Under 6ms.  But I'm hitting reprojection hard and cant maintain above a 70fps on my reverb g2, which runs at 90fps.

If I put the 6800 back in everything is fine.


Did I get a lemon?

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Community Manager

Thank you to everyone for your patience whilst we worked on investigating and improving the lower than expected performance in VR for RX 7900 series graphics products. 

The 23.7.1 release notes have a fixed issue listed for VR:

Fixed Issues

  • Certain virtual reality games or applications may encounter suboptimal performance or occasional stuttering on Radeon™ RX 7000 series GPUs.

The driver can be downloaded here: AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition 23.7.1 Release Notes | AMD

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I should probably got for a 3080 12gb variant instead if 10. Also i saw a gainward 3080ti 12gb phantom for 850€ on Amazon sounds like a good deal. However I don't know how good gainward phantom cards are. Never heard of them before. It's also alarmingly cheap. It is used but Amazon has a very generous return Policy so I'm not worried about getting a defective card. I also couldn't really find any information of gainward phantoms online. Anyone got advice on that?



i think im pulling the trigger. its such a good offer. its 250€ cheaper than the cheapest 3080 i could find and i actually found some data for this card. turns out its not THAT bad. now i just gotta get rid of my 7900xt somehow....... i guess this is my goodbye from the red team. community is great, however AMD really let me down. if you dont hear from me again everything worked out and im back to playing inside my G2. And if you do? well lets just hope that wont happen

pour la phantom je ne connais pas moi j'ai une GIGABYTE OC 10 GB et oui c'est une super carte avec mon reverb G1

Adept I

Hello . RX 7900XT user here , I upgraded from RX 5700 but as far as I see the performance boost for VR is about 10% (this is very bad) I did some tests but NOTHING the only thing I saw was, In Ptoject cars 3 I can play the game on 1080p monitor at ultra settings with over 250 fps but in VR at medium settings I get fps drops under 50 (especially in wet/raining tracks) .

GPU at 100% usage

For other games I tested Half-life Alyx I did get performance boost (now I play at high fidelity) but I do get those drops in fps .

Again GPU at 100% usage.

I tried disabling Smart access memory (no change) when I start recording NO CHANGE in fps or frame times,  even with AV1 encoder , so it's not that the GPU is struggling. 

Closing all other windows (except SteamVR and Oculus app ) nothing ... but the funny thing is When I close any games ,turn off the VR headset and close oculus app and leave only steamVR open I get (I think) Coil whine from the gpu ( I know it's normal and it's reported ) but , the MF sounds like it's getting tortured in hell , I mean I got scared of the GPU blowing up !

But the last test I did , did show me something when tabbing out of a Borderless game Window the Whine returns (Happens on Cyberpunk 2077) So my guess is the GPU does not like to change priorities or/is incapable of rendering 2 different things simultaneously (gpu was at 70% when ingame , when tabout it goes balistic at 100% load ) .

The last test with Cyberpunk did show something and that is , the chiplet design is trash and needs about 3 generations to be working as intended as the GPU is not capable of ordering workloads with different renders to different chips , I'm not sure the drivers are gonna fix this (I do wish I'm wrong) .

If any one has any info or has more experience in testing this (dm me let's think together) Thanks .


Yep, still know issue unfortunately. For some reason when starting up steamvr and the headset, GPU utilisation jumps to 60 to 70%. Leaving only 30 to 40% for gaming, which is not enough. It brings performance down to previous gen GPUs and below.

Adept I

@Matt_AMD why is vr not even mentioned anymore in the release notes of the new driver?

I do not understand why it was a known issue before but today it is neither mentioned as fixed not it is known anymore…


It is still mentioned as known issue, I think you just skipped over it, but it's definitely there:)


Although I wish it was in the fixed issues list.

Hey AMD Team,

since the new driver update everything seems to be fixed msfs, dirt rally 2, in fullscreen is working normally thank you very very much amd you're the best.



depuis quel mise a jour la 23.1.2 ou une autre

Good morning, since which update the 23.1.2 or another

Adept I

I'm still getting poor VR performance and stutters in ACC and raceroom. When will this be addressed? I've only had the card a week and on the verge of sending it back for a 4080


So due to the fact that this issue was known on 14th of December last year i would propably say....never?!


It's really annoying as on paper its a well spec'd card. I think I'll just return it then and get the 4080, it's a little bit more expensive but I've never had an issue with Nvidia, this is the second time an AMD GPU has let me down. I'm a bit gutted as was really hoping it would pair well with my 5800X3d

@Matt_AMD I've had my card less than a week and more than likely going to start the return process tomorrow for a 4080, is there anything on the cards for the next few weeks that's going to turn these VR performance issues around. 






Journeyman III


Adept I

At this point just stop buying these cards. It is unacceptable for such a expensive card to not work out of the box. I despise AMD for NOT being transparent with us on this topic and the progress they make with troubleshooting the drivers.

Its honestly the last time I gave u guys a chance and u **bleep**ed it up big time. My 6000 card just died a few weeks prior and the RX 590 I had for years before this performed stupidly inconsistent.

Im a 21 year old student and as such not made out of money, THIS CANT BE IT GUYS **bleep**. 
I was only interested in AMDs options because of the lower cost. Lets be honest Nvidea offers way better cards and CURRENTLY I feel like Nvidea will save me financially too, because I wont have a dying RX 7900 in 2 years.

I feel betrayed and scammed.
Better pay Nvidea the 150€ more, get something that works, with better ray tracing and feel only betrayed.

Holy smokes, dude. Chill out. It's a GPU, not a romantic relationship. 

My XFX 7900 XTX AIB card works great for regular gaming. It's rock solid, gets great performance, overclocks well (typical 10% boost in exchange for using lots more power) and runs cool and quiet. My 5700XT before that served me well and is now running in my son's desktop, no issues. If you've had problems, I'm sympathetic, but your experience isn't universal. 

For VR, I agree things are frustrating, but mostly because it feels like the full power of the card isn't being used properly. But every driver release has improved my performance with my Quest 2, and plenty of games are now butter smooth. IL-2, Project Cars 3, ETS2, etc. (My Reverb G2 is still collecting dust, though...)

I feel like PC gamers are the most hysterical, OTT bunch on earth. Reading comments on YouTube hardware channels and various gaming web pages, you'd think both AMD and NVidia were responsible for saving lives and protecting democracy. 

While regional pricing varies, where I am in Canada, the 7900XTX destroys NVidia (4080 and 4090) for regular gaming performance value, eg. frames per dollar. If you heavily value ray tracing or VR, then the calculation flips, with the 4080 being the better value, slightly better in RT, way better in VR. 

In other words, if you mostly play VR, get a 4080 or 4090. The added cost is worth it, and there's no guarantee that AMD will be able to fix the issues. If, like me, you play regular games with some VR, then I think the 7900XTX is still a better choice (as much as you can say that about a $1000 piece of hardware).

No need to get wound up about it, be an educated buyer, and get the product that works best for you... 


Well I tell you what, sir, there are people like me, who exclusively play in VR, and for them to buy a $1000 GPU only to discover that it delivers performance worthy of a $180 graphics card feels nothing but utter disregard

You know what, I agree Amd and Nvidia aren't supposed to save our lives or democracy, but for the money I paid I could get a used car. Bro you gotta understand how expensive these cards are. Many, myself included, see them as a long term investment.
You cant tolerate a 1200 Euro graphics card to perform worse then a 2060 from half a decade ago. Its just not how this works. If I pay up, I expect the thing to perform and wont hope that
"its gonna get better in the long run, with all the driver updates".
What if not??? Why should one take the risk.

Adept III

I paid $1699 for a GPU to play VR. I'm 100% disappointed that it doesn't work, and that it performs worse than my old 2060 super. Gmazza thinks he's on a high horse because it doesn't affect him as it does the people that play VR exclusively. He's the type of person that complains about people complaining, until something happens to him, then he'll complain. Like imagine if AMD released the 7900 cards and not even flat screen games worked properly, like they where waaaay under performing, having constant crashing issues, frames stuttering in every single game, etc etc. People would be up in arms!  


This is exactly what's happening to us VR users, we don't care much for flat screen games, so that means out entire hobby has been placed on hold after spending $1699 **bleep**ing dollars. The little time I get to my self after a long hard day of work, and then doing family stuff and house chores, I like to unwind in some VR, now that's been taken away from me and all the other VR users. 

Gmazza, if you've got nothing to contribute, then it's best just leave this alone, obviously you are not part of the affected group of people who play VR exclusively, so it's obvious that you wouldn't care. You just sound really naive.

Not naive, just trying to offer some perspective for all the raging out.

To repeat myself from above, my VR experience *with a Quest 2* has massively improved. My VR experience with a Reverb G2 is still pretty awful. Considering the Quest 2 is far and away the most popular VR headset, that means only some users are affected. Also, as the Reverb uses WMR, and WMR development has been essentially abandoned by Microsoft, there are issues beyond AMD's control in making fixes. 

For anyone who recently bought a 7900 and plays exclusively VR with one of the affected headsets (Reverb, PiMax I think, possibly Index, though I've heard of a number of Index users who feel like things have been partially fixed for them with the last two releases), I would strongly encourage them to return the card and find the extra cash for a 4080. I'm not claiming the 7900 makes sense in that specific use case, and I agree it is extremely frustrating that a card that should, on paper, perform much better, simply doesn't. I'm lucky enough to have a Quest 2 to fall back on, but I'd prefer to use the Reverb if I could, as it has a marginally better display and is lighter. 

I also agree that AMD has a lot to account for with RDNA3, and it feels a lot to me like the marketing and sales side had way too much input into pushing hardware out the door that wasn't quite ready, and setting unrealistic expectations about what to expect. Whether those issues can be fixed on the driver side or not remains to be seen, but I'm skeptical at this point that there will be a magic release that fixes all the issues. It's simply been too long, which suggests some core hardware limitations that simply can't be overcome for this generation. I'm definitely no electronics engineer, but it does feel like there is some sort of ongoing issue with AMD GPU's and managing multiple hi-res, high-refresh displays. 

But coming in here fuming and cursing and swearing or accusing AMD of literally scamming people seems to me to be a total loss of perspective. The card isn't sold and advertised as a VR-focused card. It's a GPU, 99% of which are used for regular gaming (seriously, VR on PC is about as niche as it gets now - sales are insanely small and there's a reason most projects have been shut down, including WMR development). GPU's are complex pieces of kit, and each one works better in some scenarios than others. Nobody here is guaranteed ideal performance in every imaginable use case on every piece of software with every possible hardware combination. 

Lastly, don't hold your breath for @Matt_AMD to pop in here and give you a clear roadmap to the day that VR is fixed. That's just not how bug fixing works, and if he were to give us a date and that got pushed, then there'd be folks frothing at the mouth about the delay. I'm sure he'll be very happy to post if a version does get released with fixes included, but until then, I promise you won't get anything more meaningful than, "We're aware of the problem and are working hard to fix it." That's true for any tech company, and expecting anything else truly is naive. 

PS - As harsh as it is, if I'm you and I genuinely have had to stop playing VR, my main hobby, because of this, I'm putting the card up for sale ASAP and putting that money towards a 4080 or 4090 (both are available at retail now, supply has finally caught up). I'm not saying that's fair or that you shouldn't be pissed about having to do that, but to me that's a far better solution than simply abandoning something you love to do. Where I live, 7900XTX cards are holding their value well, and selling for only $100-200 less than retail. It's a bitter pill, but better than the alternative...

I do wish I researched a little more as I was not aware of the VR issues, had I been then it would be the 4080 for me. The 7900XTX does out punch the 4080 which is.the annoying thing so once the drivers are sorted it will be a better card. I'm still in my 30 day return period and just don't know if I should hold out for the next driver update or return it for a 4080

Believe me, I sympathize. I actually had a 4080 installed (Gigabyte Eagle) in my system, and returned it when my XFX Merc XTX became available. I don't totally regret the decision, but I only play VR sims as part of other gaming. If I was 100% VR, I'd do like EmilG and have it up for sale with a 4090 in my sights. 

All the early reviews talked up the raster performance, and so I figured the 7900 would be ideal for VR, where ray tracing is a non-factor for now. But it's a sign of how niche VR on PC is that not a single review from a major outlet even tested the VR performance. BabelTech eventually did one, but even that was positive compared to the horrible experience with some headsets. 

As an aside, I did quickly try my Reverb last night with the 23.2.2 driver release and having updated WMR for Steam VR, and it's still busted. Didn't benchmark, but it struggled to manage 60 fps in Simple Planes VR, a game with graphics from 1998 and that locks at 90 without breaking a sweat on the Quest 2.

Anyway, if I'm you, I mark the last day you can return the 7900 on my calendar, and if no fixes are forthcoming, take it back. There's zero guarantee they'll be able to sort this out, and it's not like the 4080 is a dog elsewhere...

Yer, I've raised a return request with the supplier already so that will take a week or so to sort.  I think it's gonna be a 4080


I see exactly what you're saying. And as I write this, I've got my card on sale. I've been vocal about the VR issue and I was hoping for some perspective from AMD, this being an official amd forum, so I waited patiently for 2 months giving AMD the benefit of the doubt, but driver after driver, nothing for VR. 


It sucks, but like many have already done, I'm going to NVIDIA and I have no intention of ever coming back. It sucks, but it is what it is.


I think that the worst part is that they don’t communicate with us, not that the cards have issues in the first place, cause this is expected.

Im just disappointed by amd for not keeping us up to date.


Yeah, and please, don't tell us about "this is not how bug fixing work, they probably work very hard" - yeah, they probably do. Only on completely different issues.
Because this is actually exactly how it works - sprint planning happens according to company's priorities, and they know full well that VR users are the minority and will not be loud enough. I bet you, if you were present at any of their sprint plannings, you would've heard things like "No youtuber we know of has even mentioned VR issues", or "There's just one review of our new GPU line's VR performance, so we can priotitize other issues" from their managers.
No company can afford to work on everything simultaneously, so they prioritize things.
It's understandable.
But it's also *bleep*. Because it lets them completely disregard a particular group of people because their voices aren't going to be heard. I'm glad you can return your GPUs. I live in a part of the world where I have to forward a GPU from a different country overseas, and can't return mine. Say whatever - I'll refrain: it's not OK


All I'm trying to say is - don't fool yourselves with "they are probably working hard to fix it". No, they're probably not. If you still have the same issue three months after the release, it's probably because they decided they can afford no to care about you, at least for now, and may well not have even started working on it, or if they have - they've had exactly that attitude for some time, pretty long time, I would say

Adept I

Same here - in VRChat alone in my home world I am getting 30fps with all reprojection a smoothing off. Using the HP Reverb G2. 

Adept III

@Matt_AMD whilst the vr performance issues are acknowledged in the driver release notes, are the issues with WMR , and especially the reverb g2, also being investigated ? 

@Matt_AMD I would also like to know this as I am using the Reverb G2 and I see a lot of people mention the same headset as well. 

Adept I

You know, I had better luck running the 7900xtx/6900xt/Radeon VII under Linux w/ VR.  F.Devs I think push out an update last week and I can finally play ED again in VR.  Windows I had to relog and it fixed most of the planet surfaces.  95% fix I’d say.  144Hz is good to go for the Index but in Linux, it’s still 120Hz max.  OpenSource will have to fix this but that’s fine.

Sadly, it maybe time to leave windows if I can get VoiceAttack working.

So, don’t ditch your AMD card just yet.  Try them out in Linux.  You may have to play with them but once you get it working, I think you’ll be happy with it.

I'm ditching it, I tried it

Journeyman III

Hi, I just updated from my rx 6800 to a rx 7900xt.... Perfomance in 2d raised by 50% but in VR ---> NOTHING. 

How can that be, it is incredible. The card uses 50 watts more than rx6800 with no frame increase? 


What is wrong?

Rgds Falk

It's a known issue with the 7900, I ditched mine for a 4090 in the end. It's loads better annoyingly!! I really wanted the 7900 to be good as.

Adept I

An addition to the topic: Using Reverb G2 headset with the 7900 XTX. I have changed my motherboard from B450 (PCIe 3.0) to X570S (PCIe 4.0) and it has given the card a big boost in VR!
CPU, memory, Windows installation and even VGA driver (23.2.2) stayed the same.
It was totally unexpected, it should have only given a few FPS more at max. In HL Alyx I was able to turn off forced motion smoothing and now it steadily gives close to 90 FPS! Before it was 50-60 FPS with full of stutters. Motion smoothing worked its magic and it was only playable that way. Other flat titles did not receive such a big boost.
This is not close to perfect yet and I know that the card can do much more!
We are still waiting for the real fix from AMD driver side.

I have a Gigabyte X570S Aorus Master, which is a pretty solid motherboard, but still big problems with my Reverb G2. 

I'd be curious, if you run the free OpenVR Benchmark program in Steam, what kind of fps are you seeing? I'm getting around 27-29 with my Reverb G2, and high-70's, even occasional low-80's, with a Quest 2. The Quest 2 numbers are still lower than what it should be if you extrapolate pure raster performance versus the 4080, but it's a heck of a lot more reasonable. BabelTech reported 76 fps with a Valve Index...  


In OpenVR I get the same as you with the G2:


In HL-Alyx:




Actually this is a small wonder to me, because with the B450 OpenVR benchmark was around 20 FPS and Alyx was 50-60 and totally unplayable...

Did you do a fresh install of windows when you switched the main board? I had serious vr issues until I did reinstall windows on my system.

Actually no. What kind of issues did you have? As I have tested out numerous titles after the mb change and every one of them performed much better, I chose not to do it (again). I did it after the change of the 3080ti to the 7900xtx a week before. Of course performance is still way off from what it should be... Can you please post some results from your rig? Maybe from HL Alyx or any popular vr title? Thanks!


Initially on X570 and 6900XT no issues on my Pimax 5K super hmd. Changed in the 7900XT after driver removal loaded the new vga driver and pi tool(headset control software) immediately crashed and driver timeout many times. Installed a new X670 board and reinstalled windows and after several steam open VR beta updates(required for IL2 Sturmovik) and a couple Amd driver updates my system performs very well except for some annoying tracking lag in the headset. Sorry I do not have HL Alyx to test as I mostly play flight sims seated as I'm quite older than most gamers these days. I've read that many using the Reverb G2 and Valve index continue to have issues but unsure of how many are experiencing the issues because of old configuration files left over from prior setups.