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Journeyman III

7900xtx Driver crash and black screen

Mostly only happens when playing games, and mostly only FPS games. What happens is it'll be running fine and then it'll randomly spike to 3100 MHz. I've tried doing custom tunning on AMD Adrenaline to set a max limit and undervolting and neither work. My PC is a recent build with a fresh windows install and bios update. I've done DDU and AMD clean up utility and the issues are still there. I'm at a loss on what to do and need help. 

Games that crash after playing for awhile are Ready or Not, Baulder's Gate 3, Hell Divers 2. Just had a weird issue where vampire survivors was crash a short while after starting up as well.

I can include my GPU-Z report of my last crash if anyone is interested. also PC specs VVV

CPU: 7900XT

GPU: 7900XTX

PSU: MPG A1000G 1000w


RAM: GSkill Flare X5 ddr5 64gig

Windows 11

Driver: 24.1.1

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