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Journeyman III

7900xt won’t work in pci-e slot 1, but will in slot 2

I have the latest bios installed, my previous 6900xt worked fine from slot 1 without any bios tweaks.  I have to set the slot to gen 3, or I can’t even get it to post in slot 1.  Reinstalling windows 11 works until installing the catalyst drivers.  I have installed the latest chipset drivers from amd.  It’s an msi 570s Meg ace max mb, 5950x processor.  32gb ddr4 3600 ram.  I even tried going back to a previous bios. The system hangs when the video drivers are being loaded.  Sometimes,  windows will load, but there will be no display.  Other times, the system just hangs at that point. 

I don’t really want the card in slot 2, I’m pretty sure it’s driving my chipset temps up, not to mention it’s an x8 slot instead of an x16.

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Generally PCIe Slot 1 is connected to the CPU and not the Chipset.

from MSI Support Motherboard Specs:

Screenshot 2023-01-06 224343.png



Can you think of any settings related to the cpu to try?  Its definitely a driver conflict.  As I type now, the card is in slot 1, but I am using the generic display driver.   I finally got smart and made a restore point.   If I install even just the driver, the display goes off, and doesnt come back.  when i restart, i cant get into windows.