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Journeyman III

7900xt crashing/ orange BSOD

Hello fellow users in hoping to find a piece of mind throught this thread. I recently just purchased a powercolor 7900 XT gpu and I've had not stop issues with crashing, audio issues and just flat out unstability. I've went through a series if troubleshooting so far in hopes it would resolve itself but no luck. So far I have used DDU to wipe my nivida drivers, ajusted the fan curve to maintian proper temps, I also have remianged my PC with the latest WIN 10 version I've downloaded the newest drivers 22.12.1 but nothing seems to work. When I do crash I get a orange version of the (BSOD) saying Whea_uncorrectable_error and It only seems to be doing this under load. I'm at a lost for troubleshooting steps to continue maybe someone has a idea.



My specs 

Ryzen 7 5900x

Powercolor hell hound 7900xt

Crucial DDR4 ram 2666 mghz 32GBs

Corsair 850 watt power supply (gold rated)

Asus corsair dark hero 570x mother board

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Adept II

According to Microsoft that's a hardware failure indeed.

Have you tried diagnosing your ram with memtest86, I suggest this because It's worth a try.

I've something like this too in the past, bought a new part and pc crashed. I was so fixated on that part but the issue in the end was my RAM. One stick went faulty and had corrupt sectors

Adept I

reboots are happening here too. I have the 7900xt. after realizing my riser cable wasn't allowing the card to be properly installed (hours of frustration) btw i started getting reboots when messing with certain game settings. Mainly with RT or ultra settings with 4k. Super odd considering my 6700xt would take those settings without a reboot. Cards running cool but i do notice odd fluctuations in clock speed. This is definitely driver related IMO. I was reading similar stories about 6900xt wen people first got them. I have faith this will be fixed in time. Never had a reboot with my 6700xt but there were soooo many driver fixes while i had that 

im rocking a B550 with 3900x Ryzen 32gb ram and 850watt psu.