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Journeyman III

7900xt crashes to green/black screens

I have been trying to trouble shoot this for some time now. When I am gaming after a few minutes usually my computer will crash and one monitor turns black and one turns green, i understand the colours are simply due to display port vs HDMI but I am yet to resolve this issue. Sometimes the displays will freeze with whatever the current image was and after 10 seconds or so, they will then change to the black/green screens. It is very reproduceable in Mount and Blade Bannerlord and in Counter Strike. In fact in Bannerlord I can reproduce the crash every time I try to do a specific part of the game it leads me to believe this is some sort of driver or stability issue but I am unsure.

Systems Specs:

Intel 13600k
MSI Pro Wifi Z790-A
Powercolor 7900xt HellHound
Corsair Vengeance DDR5 32GB 6000 CL36
WD Black SN850 SSD 2TB
Corsair AX850 Gold PSU

- I have reinstalled video drivers and was sure to use DDU prior to installing the new drivers, tried the full drivers and the minimal one.
- Monitoring temps all seem to be okay and well into a safe range
- iGPU is disabled
- Event viewer only sometimes shows this error "Display driver amduw23g stopped responding and has successfully recovered."
- Stress tested the system with Heavy Load and OCCT both did not produce the problem.
- Disabling Resizable Bar did not resolve.
- Only using one monitor instead of 2 did not resolve.


I would appreciate any help and can try to gather any more information needed.

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Adept II

Have you found any solutions? I keep getting a green screen while trying to game. I have found that undervolting can help, as I was crashing while trying to simply load my save without undervolting. Using an undervolt gave me a couple minutes before a green screen followed by a restart. My event viewer has nothing about the display driver though. The only errors it mentions are related to the gameinput service. Windows isn't even creating a dump file for the crash, so I have no way to investigate what's going on.


In my searching for solutions, I started looking to see if there were any bios updates for the card. There weren't but it led me to a bios update for my motherboard. That seems to have fixed whatever was causing my problems.


I spoke too soon. The green screens have returned.


Out of curiosity what is you PSU and how is your GPU connected?
Do you have dasiy-chained cables or separate ones ?


I have a Segotep 750 watt PSU and am using separate cables for power.


Here's my system power draw. A 750w PSU should be more than sufficient, even when the GPU power draw shows closer to 350w than the 315 used to calculate this.




I started getting frequent crashes when not gaming, and now it won't boot without the graphics card crashing with fans to 100% right before the BIOS screen. I took the card to my father who tried it in his computer, and his VGA light comes on and won't boot either. The card is dead. I filled an RMA request with PowerColor over the weekend, but they have not responded. What can I do if they just ignore RMA requests? Is there anyone at AMD who can do anything?


Should be good on the RMA. I got the same issue but it took me 2 months to get a consistent source of crashes so i can prove it and get it shiped. The retailer agreed its defective and im waiting on fix/replacement.

Adept II

I did chat with some tech guys on the AMD discord as well and with everything written online this still seems to be the MPO issue (Multi plane overlay). You can try disabling it via Registry or via the NVIDIA provided registry

Sadly this didnt work for me, but it might help you.