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Journeyman III

7900 xtx (nitro) can't start with 2 monitors

I have been using my 7900xtx+7800x3d for 4 months now and still got the same issue. It drives me nuts.


Whenever I start my PC with both my monitors plugged in (240hz@1440p & 144hz@1080p), my second monitor stays on a black screen and my PC starts stuttering. Both monitors are connected with display port 1.4.

Whenever I plug the 2nd monitor in & out the issue persists. Windows display shows that both monitors are connected.

The only way it works is when I plug my 2nd monitor in after my PC is started, this is how I have been using it. It was working fine on my 5700xt+3600 so I can't pinpoint the root of this issue.

I tried AMD cleanup utility and DDU in safe mode for the GPU drivers. 


Anybody that can help me out? I know I am not the only one with this issue because on Reddit people shared the same problem without a solution.

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First thing i would try

  1. Swapping DP port order
  2. Look into bios for any special display compatibility options
  3. Look for any firmware updates for monitor
  4. Buy quality dp cables, especially for 240 hz monitor

I am not sure if this is a bios or if it is making it to windows and it is a windows/hardware issue


Swapped DP port order, noticed it only happens on 1 DP port. Tried different dp cables (including 1.4 for 240hz), firmware on monitor, clean windows boot, bios firmware update etc. 

I have to believe the GPU is faulty, trying my luck with the support now. Thanks for the reply.

Journeyman III

I just purchased a 7900xtx I am having the same issue, new build updated drivers etc....did you find a resolution? If not I am returning this and going back to team green