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Journeyman III

7900 XTX high delta between core and junction temp - bad cooler mount?

I recently purchased the 7900 XTX directly from AMD and immediately noticed a huge delta in core and junction temps.

Usually, I'd see about 60°C with junction in the 90s. Because I run my system in a mini ITX case, I wanted to exclude air flow issues from the equation and tried an open test bench. Unfortunately, even when undervolting, this doesn't change.

Once unlocking the power limit, the delta between core and junction temps jumps to about 50°C. The core is being kept cool while the fans ramp up to full speed but the cooler can't seem to keep up.

So my question is - is this indicative of a bad cooler mount/paste job/thermal pad placement? I've never seen a delta as high as this one. Should I RMA the card?



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Journeyman III

What are you expecting when you overclock a 355w TDP card to 395w?


Not helpful at all. I clearly stated the delta is way off regardless of the power limit and EVEN when I don't overclock. I have to reduce the power limit to reach sensible temps. The reason I posted THAT screenshot is because it makes it abundantly clear that something seems to be off.

I noticed it cools 400W perfectly fine with sub 90°C junction temps, as long as the clocks are around 2500Mhz (think, RT titles like Control). You may have noticed the screenshot I provided shows a near 100mV undervolt, no changes to the clocks whatsoever and only the power limit being raised as far as "OC" goes. It's an undervolt if anything. This is very much different from any previous AMD card I've owned, including my 6800 XT.