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Journeyman III

7800xt Random crashing Windows to black, nothing fixes, have to hard reset

Is anyone else having an issue with the 7800xt randomly crashing Windows to black screen and know of a fix?

I got the card a few days ago and since replacing my old Sapphire Nitro R9 380 with my new Sapphire pulse 7800xt i've been getting random crashes in every game i play. I'm considering sending it back and getting a replacement but want to make sure its a card issue first. I've heard rumours of this card using a lot more power than its rated for so i don't know if that might be an issue? or how i would limit that to prevent crashing?

The issue happens everytime i load a game without fail but it never happens at the same time and is always a random point during game-play normally between 20-40 minutes in.

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers and the problem is still there? It has only started happening since installing the new 7800xt so i'm assuming it must be that. Temps seem to be normal in the 50c-60c area when gaming.

Once the system has crashed to a black screen the only thing i can do is hard reset the pc from the power button, CTRL+ALT+DEL does nothing. Drivers are: 31.0.23013.1023


The gpu is installed in the top position with 2 separate power cables (as recommended), bios is up to date, just seen that it looks like lots of other people are reporting the same issue too,anyone know how I could raise it with AMD to get them to release an update to fix it?


PC Specs

GPU: Sapphire Pulse 7800xt

CPU: I7 6700k

MB: Asus Maximus Hero VIII




Any help appreciated


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For a quick test to help isolate the issue use adrenaline software to limit maximum GPU frequency to 2300Mhz. This should limit transient current spikes a bit and alleviate the crashing if this is the cause. There are many articles and videos on the net about transient current spikes and the testing techniques required to properly diagnose this problem that users are encountering. The easiest way for users is to limit max frequency to see if it alleviates the crashes.

Adept I

Yes there are a lot having very similar issues as you are and there's a variety of answers. I have the exact same issue where screen goes black and I can only restart using the physical button, happens when idle or when I open a game. I have an ASRock 6600.

For me personally here's what helped me fix my issue:

Installing the Limited Adrenaline software (as opposed to the Full Version) and have the manufacturer's OC software running in the background (no OC happening, just the software is running, my case would be the ASRock OC Tweaker). Now I'm able to play everything I want, if I install the full version it just goes back to crashing whether I run the OC software or not regardless. I tried this a few times and the limited version works in my case. Strangest issue ever.

Others on the internet say turning off all hardware acceleration in your apps (Discord, Steam, Browser(s) including Edge, etc...) has helped numerous, some say disabling hardware acceleration on Chrome was sufficient for them.

Let us know what happens, we're all trying to figure out why this is the case, we're waiting on AMD to resolve this.