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Adept I

7800xt Green screen/ black screen.

Hello all.

My previous system of 5800x3d+6700xt and 32gb ram with 750 EVGA Gold PSU ran fine for over 2 years. Then in September I only replaced the GPU with a Sapphire Pulse 7800xt and the fun began a few days later. I experienced green screen crash and reboot then later black screen hang and reboot. Event viewer would always list whea logger error with a variation of the below text which many will be familiar with.

Reported by component: Processor Core
Error Source: Machine Check Exception
Error Type: Cache Hierarchy Error
Processor APIC ID: 0

I changed my ram, PSU and DDU endless sets driver along with BIOS tweaking. Suffice to say, many weeks and threads later this did not change much. My crash episodes can be days apart except when I played Starfield which seemed to generate one almost every time I played it. All occurrences have been whilst gaming with one exception.

I am simply adding my account here as I see there is already a lengthy thread about such issues and I realise there seems nothing else to do but wait. For now I am underclocking my card a little to see how that goes.

The complete lack of comment from AMD does them no good in my eyes. Very poor showing.

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Thanks but I it seems tied to new GPU as prior to installing 7800xt I had no such issue. However, I do have my old 5600x so will slot that back in just to cross off another endpoint. 

Adept II

its the card, allot of people are having these same issues with any of the 7000 series.

Many completely changed their system, including me, i only kept the motherboard but it still happens. The only thing that kinda helps is staying on drivers 23.9.1 as they are the most stable ones so far.


Adept I

I just typed a long answer just now for someone else experiencing the same issues as you and I did. The reply is gone so I will type a TL;DR version here.

Uninstall the AMD software when you log in.

Install a DDU (Driver Display Uninstaller), there's a reputable one by Guru3d for free. Even if your previous card is an AMD it's best to use a DDU and clean that up. Then to install the AMD andrenaline software.

If your GPU manufacturer comes with any software try to install them as well. (This is what fixed it for me for whatever reason... I have an ASRock 6600).

Lastly I have the AMD minimal software rather than the full version at the moment. When I install the full version it crashes immediately to black screens and need to reboot and star the process all over again.

Some solutions by the community they swore by (didn't for me but heck might work for you):

Turning off all hardware accelerators (discord, steam, browser(s), etc...) some people say turning off hardware acceleration on Chrome was sufficient to fix the issue.

Some people believed what fixed it for them is trying a new HDMI cable.

Others believed that swapping the ends of their HDMI (meaning the side plugged to your monitor, plug that to your computer and vice versa yes just swapping the ends) was sufficient to resolving the issue (shrug - how does that work I dunno but read multiple saying that worked).


Heck, i have tried most of the solutions I have read online. Currently have my core clock locked to 2500mhz in afterburner as its default is 2645mhz which seems pretty high and no good for stability, so I'll see how it goes.

Have not tried just the driver without Adrenalin software but will try that next. My crash events are only whilst gaming and never at idle or on desktop or using browser, so least they are consistent.

With all these trial and error methods its beginning to seem like we are all flinging anything at the wall to see what sticks, all thanks too AMD lack of input of direction.  The worst thing is if we RMA GPU and it passes a test bench then you get it back without solution.

This kind of thing will make me stay clear of AMD cards if it is not solved sooner than later.

Thanks for your input.