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Journeyman III

7800 xt, micro-stutter on desktop,browser, video and audio

Hi, my first amd card, coming from a 7 years old gtx 1070.

Since i installed the card, i have a problem.
It can be 5 min, 15 or any random minutes later,  very very quickly, less than an 1s, i can feel something akin to a slight stutter or slowness.

But it isn't just while browsing on the net, it happens on desktop while moving mouse, happens in audio and video on desktop, with any media player or app.


I have done a ddu multiple times, update all of my drivers, disable wifi, ethernet, HPET, , Bluetooth, audio. Turning off most of application in background (spotify, firefox, chrome, discord, everything). It still the same.
I  had disable tpm, secure boot and fast boot. Disconnect my hdd and ssd except for the main one

I had a Sapphire pulse 7800 xt, same problem, return it to the shop. Took a Sapphire pure in an another shop, still have the same problem.

My rig isn't very old except PSU :

Window 10 22h2 last build
Intel i5-12600kf
MSI z690 tomahawk ddr4
32 gb corsair 3200mhz cl 16
10 Years old Seasonnic X series gold 750W

I borrowed a corsair rm750 (2021 version), stuttering is still here, coil whine too (lourd coil whine when gpu is 100% load and draw over 200w)

Only thing i didn't do was a ssd format and bios upgrade to the latest version but from what i read, I shouldn't need it for a new gpu. Or do you guy advise it or is it a waste of time ?

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