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Journeyman III

7000 series VR issues (still persistent and unresolved) Mega thread

Last Megathread got locked due AMD's stance that the issue is resolved. Yet clearly it is no where close to being resolved. Marginal improvements for a small minority of the players is not resolution. Matt suggested we make another main thread so here it is. Individual posts accomplish nothing, they simply go ignored and get buried.

So if you are one of the many 7000 series owners still experiencing VR issues eg. stuttering, low FPS rates on par or below that of cards from the previous couple generations etc, and after 7 months are SICK of it here is your space to voice your issues and concerns.

Bottom line any improvements have been marginal at best. Please take this OFF the fixed list, that is a slap in the face to 7000 series owners. If the issue goes beyond drivers then let us know so we can get out from underneath these cards before they lose anymore value. Currently your selling known VR anchors at $1k USD to unsuspecting consumers. Also it's time that AMD ditches the "fine wine" fallacy, it's just a lazy excuse for not doing their diligence from the start. Releasing Gpu's in a garbage state, with the HOPE of fixing them down the road, often not until the next generation cards are here and the flagship you spent top dollar on is now halved in value is gross and pathetic. 

Almost wondering if we should be starting a social media campaign as these issues aren't really common knowledge as the VR community is in the grand scheme fairly small compared to flat panel players, and it's not receiving much attention from VR content creators as most of them have 4090's in their rigs. Perhaps a campaign of 7000 series owners who play VR asking hard questions of AMD and Lisa Su on Twitter and Threads would be more beneficial, as opposed to doing so here where we are ignored and receive nothing but vague lip service.

I tweeted this to Lisa Su, I encourage others to do similar. Confining ourselves to the forums will do nothing.


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