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Journeyman III

70ºC of GPU (Vega 8)

Hello. Lately my computer has been reaching temperatures between 65 - 75 ºC while gaming. Specifically my GPU, AMD Radeon Vega 8, indicates that it is at 100% with a maximum temperature of 75ºC. I wanted to ask if anyone knows if the temperature is too high and if it is harmful to the computer to be like this for several hours.

Thank you!

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Vega 8 is the Integrated Graphics of your Processor.

What is the Make & Model of your Processor to find out what the Maximum Operating Temperature is.

Looking up Vega 8 Processors you either have a desktop Ryzen 2200G/3200G/5700G or a Laptop processor.

If you have a Desktop APU with Vega 8 2200G or 3200G or 5700G then the Maximum Operating Temperatures is 95C. Which means when the temperature starts reaching or has reached 95C the processor will automatically throttle or slow down to keep the temperature at 95c or below.

The Maximum Operating Temperature is the temperature in which the processor can run continuously without shutting down or slowing down.

But it is best to keep the temperatures at least at 85C or below for continuous use in my opinion. The cooler the better.

All processors have built in engineered safety limits including temperature. When your processor senses that it is overheating and reaches a critical temperature above 95C it will automatically shut down the computer to prevent damage.

Laptops tend to have higher operating temperatures then desktops.

For instance, as an example, the AMD Ryzen 5 3460U Mobile APU has a Maximum Operating Temperature of 105C.

NOTE: For a Desktop processor with a 95C M.O.T,  70C is quite cool for heavy loads. If you are reading 70C while at idle than you have a problem with your CPU Cooler.