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Adept I

6950XT short whitescreen (flash/flicker) on Steam homepage


I have a week old RX 6950 XT (Sapphire Nitro+) and when I go to Steam homepage (with Google Chrome) and place mouse over the game in the top three games and short video starts playing, there is sometimes white flash/flicker of the whole screen (see attached video). Sometimes it takes a little longer to replicate this issue. I tried MPO fix, the problem persists.

Do you have also this issue on the Steam homepage? 


video of the issue:  (problem is at 0:11)!AtJOelu2XiKngZddGj37G2DcprNSuw?e=t8nDJB

EDIT: I replicated the problem even in the Steam client (not the web browser). In Steam client flashing/flickering is black, sometimes white.

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Journeyman III

I've had a brand new AMD 6950XT (reference design) since about a week now and I'm also having this white flash issue. I think it seems to be related to video playback. I have experienced the white flash while playback of videos, either youtube videos in chrome or local files in VLC. While I myself haven't seen it (yet?) in Steam like the above posted post; that also does seem to be a video.

It's pretty annoying, especially for a product with this price that has already been out well over a year

For the record, I'm using the latest driver 23.4.1 and using a 60hz display (no freesync or anything like that) on Windows 11.


Also, I don't know if it's related or not, but I've also been experiencing some weird green/purple artifacting a couple times. Not at all as 'regular' as the white flashes, but it did raise my eyebrows a bit when it happened (and I have very little 'data' to go by, but it also seemed to be while playing a video).

Journeyman III

Hello, I was looking for someone else who had the same problem as me, glad to not be the only one.

I experience the same issue about these white flashes. So I looked deeper in the issue and it seems related to hardware acceleration, until it is fixed in newer driver I advise you to disable hardware acceleration in the settings of all your apps where it can be disabled such as Chrome, Steam, Discord, etc.

Maybe installing an older driver can be the solution for now, we should try that.

Hope we'll get a fix soon (and same issue with 23.5.2).