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Journeyman III

6950xt Reference Card |110c Jtemp | no way to contact AMD support

Purchased a 6950xt on Dec 6, 2022 and whenever playing intensive games (For example: Darktide) The GPU junction point gets heated up to 110c constantly, fan becomes unbearably loud and sometimes shuts off the computer. 

This was upgraded from a Nitro 5700xt and that card ran great and quiet. 

Of course customer service is offline and unable to RWA or return the unit, which is really unfair as the it is getting to the 30 day deadline. 

My PC:

AMD Ryzen 1600x
AMD Radeon RX 6950xt Reference Card
x370 Carbon
32 GB (2xDDR4-2132)
Samsung m.2 SSD
EVGA 1000W G2
NH-D14 Nocua cooler
2x180mm fans
3x120mm fans

Airflow in the computer is not a problem as all the fans are upgraded and even tested with max fan speed with video card running.

This seems to be a known issue with the Reference cards for the 6950xt series. What can I do in this situation?

Been a huge fan of Radeon for 20+ years and this is a disappointment.

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Is it a card directly from AMD or is it branded by a board partner like XFX or Sapphire? If it is the former, try this website and give them a call:

If it is branded, try contacting either your dealer directly or the board partner which distributed the card.

It is directly from AMD. Got it I have submitted the claim a few days ago and no response yet. Now it is outside of the 30 day mark.


I wonder if it's just my card or normal for 6950xt.


I have heard some reports regarding temperature issues of 6950 XT reference cards, but only few in between. Personally I had a 6900 XT reference card for almost two years which ran nice and quiet.

I guess the support staff might be pretty busy at the moment, as I said earlier, you might want try calling them, so far at least regarding the overheating 7900 XTX cards, people mostly reported positive things about handling the RMA via phone.