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Journeyman III

6950xt Freezing or driver crashing on the majority of my games

When I first got this GPU I had an error pop up that said "GPU Drivers crashed" whenever I opened most of my games. Recently I haven't even gotten that error, its just been a full pc freeze that I cant fix (even with windows + alt + shift + B). I haven't been able to find a fix at all. I suspect its a directX issue but im not really sure, ive had directX errors pop up on beamng drive specifically.
There is always the possibility its not my GPU but, Im kinda feeling like it is. Ive never powered on any of these parts before I got this GPU (Other than the cpu, which im 100% sure works as I got it from a friend that confirms it works)

My specs are:
MSI 6950XT
B450 Aurorus MOBO
Ryzen 9 3900x
1000w Corsair power supply
some kingspec 1tb SSD
And just incase it matters I have 2 monitors, one of them is 3440 x 1440 (144hz) (displayport) and the other is 1080p (60hz) (HDMI)

Some things ive already tried:
MOBO BIOS update, CPU Chipset bios thing update, Using one ram stick, Swapping ram sticks, Turning on/off XMP (auto), Ive tried 3 different AMD software versions, one from 2023 and two from this year, Ive tried all sorts of windows settings, Ive tried using mods to make games run vulcan (Obviously didnt work), Ive also tried using AMD to change my GPU clocks, voltage, power limit, and everything else to the minimum and near minimum (all to no avail.), and ive tried many other things too
Im pretty sure I have enough power for the GPU, ive got 3 separate cables for the 3 PCIE power connectors on the GPU, im not using daisy chain. And Ive got 1000w for my PSU. Also I can run cyberpunk max settings at 450w or whatever on the GPU with absolutely no issue but I cant run the original saints row the third.

Some games I have issues with: (just as a note, this is just SOME of the games I have problems with, not all of them.)
Saints row the third (PC Freeze on loading screen after I click new game)
Saints row the third remastered (PC Freeze on the first cutscene)
Into the radius (PC Freeze on clicking play)
ARK: Survival evolved (PC Freeze on character creation screen)
Hunt:showdown (Artifacting and mediocre performance)
BeamNG Drive (only way to prevent PC freeze is to run lowest settings possible)
Rust (terrible performance)
Hunter: Call of the wild (PC Freeze on open)
Any ideas? Im open to trying anything to get this to work. 

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Can you try the 6950XT in another system, or temporarily get another graphics card to try in your system, to see if the issues follow the card or stay with the system?

The 6950XT is a PCIe gen 4.0 card but your B450 motherboard only supports PCIe gen 3.0 - as it uses all 16x lanes this mismatch would normally only cause a minor loss in performance. There is likely another issue causing the game freezes you're experiencing but keep in mind this does present a bottleneck.

Ryzen R7 5700X | B550 Gaming X | 2x16GB G.Skill 3600 | Radeon RX 7900XT

Tried it in a buddies system, and I gotta say it worked amazingly in his. Pretty sure my issue is the cpu, completely replaced every part except for the gpu and cpu. Any ideas? ive got a ryzen 9 3900x