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Adept I

6900xt kills windows 10 when install drivers


I have 6900 xt Phantom Gaming,

It kills my windows 10 when I try to install drivers

First I used it with Workstation T5610. Then I though its problemy with motherboard so I bought new antoher pc:

B450 pro4 asus 

Ryzen 5 2600

power supply 1100W

Win 10 x64

Card stops at 30÷ driver instalaton reseting PC forever (black screen). Fans are stopping too.

  • I tried a few driver version, nothing help. Any advaice?






1 Solution

You could try the extraction method using the 1070, and then change it out for the 6900xt and let Windows installer the driver through the device manager.

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Adept I

Tommorow I will flash BIOS, but i am sure it wont help. Now I have 4.20 version.


Is it possible that card is broken?


Sounds similar to my thread New 6800 xt Constant Crashes.

I have done quite a bit of testing and research and have still found no answer.  I am RMA'ing my card to find out what is going on since mine has failed on two decent machines, one AMD, and the other Intel, on an MSI board and a Gigabyte board.

It is possible the card is broken.  I think in some cases its a settings issue for some people.  But honestly, I do not think anyone has the right answer here.

Do you have another card or does your setup have an APU?  You can try downloading with that, then use the Adernaline extraction but do not install method.  Put your 6900 xt back (with the power off of course) and then go to device manager once started and update the driver with the path Adernaline extracted to.  

Thanks for answer.


I dont have APU. I am reinstallig windows every time (i takes me 4h) after crash. Restoring windows and factory reset don't help. I have tried to switch to antoher card (1070 gtx) but windows is still dead. Normally, 1070 gtx works good.


I have second 6900 xt, bought at the same time. The same issues... 




Seriously, never AMD again..

I updating bios right now. 


It didnt help








HiveOS - the same problem


Have you tried the extraction method even with the same GPU?  I am guessing that you are installing Radeon right?

Have you tried starting the process (it goes through that extraction window first) and then canceling on the actual Radeon install when it asks if you want to continue.  During the install process, make sure you copy the path the extractor is showing its putting the file to.  After you cancel Radeon from installing, go to device manager and go to your display adapter and right click it, go to update, "browse my computer..." then enter in the path you saved from the extractor and let windows installer the driver instead of Radeon.

That seems to help a lot of people.

When you have a crash, is Windows not loading or are you just seeing a black screen or no output at all?  If its no output or black, could Windows maybe be loading but you cannot see it?  I would wait enough time for Windows to load and then hard reset it.  I have had success getting back into windows that way.  Also, removing the CMOS has help in getting back in as well.

One thing is for sure, AMD products are certainly making it hard for a lot of people to enjoy these higher end cards.  I do not see near as many Intel users having the problems...but I do see some.


You could try the extraction method using the 1070, and then change it out for the 6900xt and let Windows installer the driver through the device manager.


I'm experiencing the same. Be sure to DDU in safe mode, reboot with generic drivers, install TeamViewer, reinstall drivers using any method and using TeamViewer, open up Device Manager and see what is going on with the driver. Mine has a code 43 error. I still am waiting for a solution, because at this moment my 6900xt is just a doorstop. Of no use to what it is made and intended for. 

After some time i must say

thank you for your time, u gave me very good tips


There are some my conclusions / results:

1. Cant use any of 6900 xt with last drivers even if I use 1070 gtx as a main GPU. There is 40 or 43 code in Device Manager. It is much better with old drivers (from begining of 2021). With older drivers 6900 die 1-2 per day (stil using GTX as a main GPU).

2. I intelled metioned drivers using GTX, than switched GPU to 6900xt.  I didnt install nvidia drivers. Still black screen on both 6900 xt.

3. In all methods I used "extract and install drivers using device manager". It didnt kill my PC again.


4. Dont buy it guys. Its expensive, slow and problematic GPU.  Drivers are broken and its hard to tell but maybe  many of that GPU are just corrupter, and drivers never will fix that.

Usually such errors appear due to the fact that corrections were made to the bios of the video card, or the card was simply flashed, download the bios of your video card(preferably the last one) and sew it up (it takes a couple of minutes and 1 PC reboot). just do not confuse it with another video card or vendor. We need exactly your vendor and the card model!


My cards are brand new from big shops. I didnt change anything. 



I don't know how you have in America, we have in Russia, they can sell used goods. If the card was packed in the factory packaging + all the seals are in place, it means a marriage (no one is insured against this, it is everywhere and every manufacturer has it) If you checked the video card on another PC and there is the same problem, feel free to hand it over under warranty.


Doing this does nothing, other than attempting to reflash the same bios, of which the software stops you from doing so and tells you there is no need to, because it is the same software. This only works if you are trying to upgrade or downgrade the bios, particularly for OC'ing.

I wouldn't even bother.


Well, then if there is a guarantee for the video card, hand it over under warranty)

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