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Journeyman III

6900xt boot to blackscreen and some weird game quirks

Ok so this isnt a big problem I have been having just a intermittent issue. To give some background I have upgraded from a 2070 super to this 6900xt. So far I have been really happy with its performance. However, during my purchase I did read on how sometimes the drivers for these cards can be quite frustrating. So the problem first arose with some freezing in game and one boot to black screen. After some research I figured that maybe I needed to upgrade my PSU. So I upgraded my PSU from a 850 watt to a 1000 watt. So far that has eliminated most of in game issues. However, from time to time I have a boot to black scenario. I have to completely shut down the computer and after a few tries (2-3 tries) it finally boots up to the sign in screen. I sign in and have no issues what so ever. What is really weird however, is when I go to the AMD radeon software there are no alerts of issues occurring with the drivers. Another weird thing is when I go to the performance tab my selected performance is moved to "custom". I usually have this set on "balanced". I can go for hours gaming in New world, Ghost Recon, EFT, etc. Its just every so often I run into this issue. My temps on the GPU run great and my CPU temps run great. I have run DDU multiple times and also have the latest drivers. Never had these issues with my 2070! However, like I said so far I have been happy with the performance of the new card just wondering is this something to be expected until better drivers come out? 

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Adept II

Try some of the suggestions in this thread.  It seems to be an issue in a lot of 6000 series cards, and even some 5000s.