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Adept II

6900xt 1 long beep 3 short veeps.. but boots fine ?? Only when cold

So here are ny system specs


5800x 3d

4x8Gb G.skill 3600 cl16

Gigabyte x570 aorus elite wifi using f37 latest bios

Evga supernova g2 750w.


And this 6900xt.


I actually just got this card and the 5800x and 16gb more memory. Prior i had a 1080ti 3800x and 16gb of ram.


Anyway this issue started when i got the 6900xt which was ny first upgrade so it isnt ram or cpu related.   Basically it ONLY happens when the system has been powered down overnight or for say 10 hours and i turn it back on.   When i turn it back on after it sits..  Itll do 1 long beep 3 short beeps.. but the acreen will come on after a second and itll boot into windows just fine.   It even overclocks to 2550 min 2650 max.  Any higher and itll arrifact at say 2680..  its watercooled as well with a heatkiller block.


The only thing is its used.  But it wasnt used on a minin rig i saw the guys pics with his watercooled setup.   It doesnt crash or anything either..  it runs fine.


If i reboot its fine.. turn the pc off wait 20 min its fine.  It onky does this when sitting overnight.


I actually found another post on this forum having the exact same issue and they suspected it was monitor/gou related.. or standby related or something.  I dont think anyone solved the issue.   It never did this with my 1080ti.   Yes my EVGA psu is 4-5 years old now.  I almost wonder.. is it the power supply.. maybe the caps are getting discharged and old when sitting.   Or is it the video card ?   Unfirtunatly i dont have another 6900xt to test this..  and my 1080ti is sold and gone.. but it didnt happen with that card anyway.


Can anyone help me.  I asked the guy on ebay he says it never did this.  I know 2nd hand cards can be a (risk) but i dont think the card is bad itself..  if it was.. wouldnt it not function or overclock this high and have no issues.


If i unplug the riser cable i can replicate this 1 beep 3 fast beeps.. so its deff VGA related..  and yes ive disconnected it from the riser.. into the board itself.  And no issues.



Also if it does this beep code.  And i flip the pc off immediatly.. i cab turn it back on.. and itll do it again.. flip power off.. itll do it again..  So it seems when it (warms) up is when it stops doing it.

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Adept II


Below is the thread i foumd eith the same exact issue..


I decided to try what the guy suggested.. i unplugged my two monitors from the video card.   Boom 1 beep 3 long beeps.  But itll go to windows fine i can hear windows audio.  Then i plugged both monitors back in but turned them off.   Same 1 beep 3 long beeps.   Then i turned the monitor on.. 1 beep (which is normal)  and it boots fine.


So it seems maybe its a display port/monitor signal issue ?   The monitors im using are DP1.2. Not 1.4,  maybe thats the issue ?  One is a Vtiotek GN27DB 1440p curved va 27 inchs.  The other is a Dell 2722DGM.  1440p 27inch curved va