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6900 XT Performance Issues on Valve Index

So I just got a 6900 XT, in benchmarks it's an absolute dream, but I'm yet to find a game that it significantly outperforms a 1080 ti. This is likely down to my preference in games being... not technically sound, but VR titles are a whole other issue. So far all the VR games I've tried have had terrible stuttering issues. The average frame rates are way higher, but every few seconds the GPU goes to 0% utilization and it skips rendering new frames for almost half a second, and sometimes even crashes. It's not a CPU bottleneck I just got a 5950X, and it's not an insufficient power supply, I have an EVGA 1000W Gold unit. So far I've tested this fix in one game, Star Wars Squadrons, but limiting the Index refresh rate to 90hz out of the 144 I usually run the Index at fixes the stuttering issues. Is there something I'm doing wrong, is there a driver patch coming in the next few weeks, or should I just sell this thing and try my luck finding a 3080 or 3090?

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So turning off motion smoothing and reprojection helped with the hitches, but now there's no reprojection. Upon further testing, turning off motion smoothing and turning off legacy re-projection seems to be the best option when combined with a refresh rate that is close to what the computer is capable of. If I leave it at 144 it goes too far off target and some other problematic re-projection method kicks in. This is not ideal since I have to run without motion smoothing or max refresh rate, but 120 is definitely something I can live with. I would, however, still like to know what the AMD community's opinion on the matter is and if this is a known issue. I've asked Valve the same thing.

I Know how you feel, there is just something not right with the VR drivers. I have an oculus rift S and first I had problems with asw.

Now ASW is working, but there is a big but......It only works good if you hit the 45/40 fps or above......but with my 1080ti I can lock fps with the Oculus Tray tool on 30hz or even 18hz and I can fly pretty smooth in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

But with the 6900 XT 30 fps is unflyable.....This is a huge problem, huge....For example airliners are a problem in Microsoft Flight Simulator, they demand more fps and it becomes all stuttery altho I am above the 30fps....With my 1080ti I can't achieve 30 fps in airliners maybe 24 but it's smoother.....This card just doesn't seem VR ready there are so many problems...

Truck Simulator is just a big mess, I have basically a smoother experience in my 1080ti.

The fact windows mixed reality users can't use reprojection, I mean cmon.....Did they not test this? 

At this point if AMD don't solve this quickly, I will sell my card really, I am just done with all the fiddling. Nvidia is clearly a lot better in there VR support at this stage.