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Adept I

6900 XT no signal to monitor on cold boot


I have the gigabyte 6900 xt reference card. On every cold boot my motherboard will give me a long beep and 3 short beeps, indicating an issue with the card. However if i manually wake the monitor by pressing the on button on the monitor and then turn on the pc it will boot up as normal.

I can always tell that the pc will not boot as the stand by light on the monitor usually flashes when the pc is off, however it is solid after the pc has been turned off for a long period.

Restarting also boots fine and even if i shut down and leave it for an hour it will boot up fine.

I previously had the vega 64 in this setup which I had no issues just to rule out other hardware.

Pc Specs:

CPU: 3900X

GPU: 6900 XT

PSU: Corsair 1000W

Motherboard: Gigabyte 570x Pro

RAM: Corsair 32GB 3600mhz

Any ideas? let me know if you need any more information, I'm puzzled.

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ok, so I researched it a bit, and my Corsair RM850X PSU is apparently single rail.

nonetheless I have move around the connectors a bit and will now test things out. I fail to see how that would change anything though... 12 V is 12V , especially on a single rail


It has to do with electrical stability on cards pulling or rated to pull 200W or more. So by running 2 separate PCIe 8 pin power lines on your RX 6800 XT you're exceeding what 1 cable can handle by 64.2W at full load (362.4W). Technically one cable can handle up to 300W. Also each cable is only rated for 9A and at full load you could use about 14 A. You'd need to use a PCAT to measure your card to see what I mean. Power draw is mostly FPS dependent and single vs. multiple rail isn't the reason for using 2 power cables. It's the amount of power one cable can carry which is ~300W. So if your card spikes or you start pushing say 400 FPS at 2.5W per FPS or so, wiring becomes everything. The card doesn't maintain this high draw for long periods or there would be some seriously bad things happening.

With the cold boot thing, brand might play a part. Disabling C-states and sleep and/or switching to a "high performance" power plan in the OS might help. If you just installed the newest driver, may be the 12.2.1 was better?

"It worked before you broke it!"

Well,  Changing positions on the PSU didn't really change anything for me...   Also, when I game at full load (290W) the system is stable, etc...

for the record, I've been having this cold boot issue since I got the RX 6800 XT.  And I've tried every driver from that got released.

Installed the latest one today, as well as chipset drivers that got updated on Feb 4...

I'm at a loss. for now I'm just pushing my monitor button before I start up my PC. Really seems to be some deep sleep state of the LG monitor, making it take longer to wake up when using Display port..  Still very short, but not short enough for this specific GPU I guess

Using HDMI seems to not exhibit this behaviour, but it also limits the refresh rate to 100 Hz @2k resolution



I also have an LG34GK450F and I see the same behavior. When I manually wake the screen it posts the first time the windows login screen. later warm no issues. before activating bar also no issue.


@renaatski , @lel 

If there's a monitor driver for your monitor's try installing it. This could be a power setting too like if you run an SSD, make sure it's set to never turn off. SSD's have firmware that lowers the power for sleep states if you use those. If you don't, turn off all the "C" states in BIOS, cool n quiet too. Run a high performance power plan and make sure the SSD is set to never stop. Spin drives can power down when idle not SSD's, it's bad news.

"It worked before you broke it!"

Installing the drivers did not work. 

Meanwhile I found other reports of people with Big Navi getting this error when having only a Displayport cable attached to the graficscard and SAM enabled.


That shouldn't matter. If you have a 5000 series CPU, then SAM should work with the GPU. It only works with certain games anyway, so it's not on all the time, just enabled. Try another monitor. For whatever reason one said they had to power cycle the monitor and it would work. When I shutdown my PC, I also power the monitor off and when the PC is on, my display is set to not sleep, so I never run into this issue. If I would want my screen off for some reason, I'd simply power it off.

"It worked before you broke it!"

I'm on the same boat, but i test the 6900xt on 4 different systems with different specs.

My rig:

  • CPU AMD 5800x
  • MOBO msi b550 gaming edge wifi
  • RAM Corsair 32BG @3200
  • VGA 6900xt (fresh new arrived on 06/05/2021)
  • PSU Corsair HXi 1000w
  • Monitor GiGaByte G32QC


All Run smooth and perfect with 3070, after i install the 6900xt the system boot all led and fun spin but i got no-signal and on mother board i got a Ez-VGA led error, i tried everythink possibile solutions:

  • - check PSU and cable,
  • - check Bios (mine is last stable released from MSI i don't like betabios),tried also downgrade it,
  • - tested every ram slot with the actual kit and with another one,
  • - reset CMOS, removed the battery,
  • - set PCIE slot from auto to 4 and then to 3,
  • - install 3070 and 6900xt on the system togheter. 6900xt won't be recognised,
  • test on TV Samsung Oled and a Sony Bravia,
  • tested all card port hdmi, DP and usb connection

After all these checks, i move to my other rig

  • AMD ryzen 2600x
  • gigaByte b450i
  • Ram 8gb viper @3000
  • PSU Corsair Hx 750i
  • Monitor AOC gaming 27@144hz 

Same results, no signal i take my system to a friend of mine who as an ENERMAX 1200w with the following system spec:

  • Intel I7 10700k
  • Asus Strix Z490-f 
  • RAM 64 Gb RipJaw
  • PSU Enemax Platimax D.F. 1200W

I think my 6900xt is a DOA, i opened a ticket to AMD and wait for a resposne, figer crossed.


Your card is not DOA, its fine.

I have used R9270X, Reference 5700xt and Sapphire Pulse 5700xt and also Gtx 1070ti, RTX 2080 super and now rtx 3060ti.


The simple fact is I have always faced many such problems as sleep wake issue, system freezes, driver crashes, game crashes on AMD cards. I have never faced any issue even once with Nvidia cards. AMD ppl will make you go round and round in circles by saying its a ram issue, a monitor issue, psu, windows etc etc

Its100% a driver INCOMPETENCE issue with AMD. With Nvidia, I hate to say but it just works.

I got the same problem with my $2000.00 six-month-old Saphhire 6900XT.  I contacted, and they don't want to hear about it and told me to go back to who I purchased...

But anyway, I have a vintage Nvidia GeForce GT 620 in one of the slots.  I unplug the display cable from the Sapphire and stick it into the GT 620 and see that the Windows is already booted.   In my Aorus Xtreme X570,  I unplug the GT and plug back into the 6900 and get nada.   

This happen about a month ago on a brand new Asus ROG Crosshair VIII, (for which I got a refund from Amazon because Asus RMA'd it for a RAM issue, Corsair concurred) when the Sapphire would not post.   After about 10 reinsertions it started working again, but this time a month later in my old X570 Aorus Xtreme.  the card has all the pretty lights but won't post. I hadn't got around to selling my old Aorus Xtreme Ge Force 2080 Super, it works fine, so I'm ok for now.  

MB Aorus Xtreme X570 rev. 1.0

AMD Ryzen 9  5950X

Corsair Dominator 4x16 

Thermaltake 1500W RGB

In many cases it is a wrong Display Port cable not implementing the wires the correct way just to save a few cents on production. I observed the behaviour with a lot of cheap cables, working on lower end cards without any problems. But when switching to newer, high performance cards the issue shows. 
I had it myself with a GTX660Ti, working like a charm. Then switched to a RX580, still no issue. But then I got a 5700XT. The screen was not detected standby, had to power it on manual. After switching DP cable (3 times) the card worked. It al has to do with the Pin 20 wire, which in some cases is just terminated to ground instead of connected.

Adept II

Old yhread but im reviving it.


Same issue with me.  I just got ny 6990xt on ebay.. same exact issue.  It only does it when the monitor is off.   Or is it sat overnight.   I unplugged my monitor.. boom 1 long beep 3 short beeps.   I plug it back in but keep it off.  1 long beep 3 shorr beeps.


But if i turn the monitor on then turn the pc on.  Itll beep 1 time which is the normal boot beep and its fine.  Note the 1 long beep 3 beeps.  Itll always boot up.  It jist does these beeps.


Why would it do this with the monitor off or unplugged lol ?  Thats strange


Look for a Display Port cable what implements pin 20 the correct way. This solves a lot of issues with modern displays. Some cables do not follow the standard and then the monitor is not detected the right way and causing this issue.

A powerplan for windows: no way this works, because Windows is not loaded yet at boot.

A windows driver update: no way this works, because Windows is not loaded yet at boot.

A different power supply: The GPU is in standard text mode, low power at system boot, maybe taking 15-20 watt. 


Has nothing to do with the cable.


If i unplug the monitor itself from the videi card and turn the pc on.  Itll do the same long beep 3 shirt beeps.


Only stops doing that if the monitor itself is turned on