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Journeyman III

6800xt Stuttering and Underclocking

Got a brand new 6800xt and noticed stuttering in almost all games, most noticeably in Minecraft.

In Adrenalin's performance metrics I noticed that the stutters happened alongside high cpu usage, low gpu usage and gpu clocks.

I tried setting the minimum clock speed to 100MHz below the max, but the stuttering still occurs and the gpu clocks still drop below the minimum to about 500MHz.

Other solutions I tried that didnt help: updating windows, bios, and chipset drivers, disabling ULPS and deep sleep state, resetting all graphics settings in Adrenalin globally and in game, upgrading and downgrading Adrenalin, and reinstalling drivers with DDU.

Is this a power supply issue? I have a Corsair RM750i and a 9700k, stock. If not, what else could it be? Any help would be appreciated.

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How old is the PSU? an 850wtt 80+ Gold would be better. IF you have access to a different/better PSU you could try that ..

Make sure that you are at least running separate power cables from your PSU to each power input on your GPU

I'm of the mind to go "overkill" when it comes to the power supply, or at least be well above the "minimum" requirements .. with my 6700xt I ran an 850wtt 80+ Plat Seasonic, and it ran fantastically (now in my daughters setup with an EVGA GQ 850wtt 80+ Gold running great)

Other Things to try/do if you want

Disable MPO (Nvidia or AMD ..doesn't matter)

Disable Steam overlay

Turn HPET off

Open Regedit and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SYSTEM\ CurrentControlSet\ Control\ Class{4d36e968-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}\ 0000\ UMD, then change "ShaderCache" from "30 00" or "31 00" to "32 00". (30 00 = off / 31 00 = AMD Optimized / 32 00 = Always On). Save and Reboot.

on mine it was same string except 0001\ UMD ..

Make sure your drives are not full or near full

ThreeDee PC specs

PSU is quite old (maybe 5 years?) and was bought refurbished, and now that you mention it, it probably has lost quite a bit of capacity over the years, which I suspect may be the cause as it disobeys minimum clocks.

I have an ASRock Phantom Gaming model, so I have 3x8 pins on the GPU connected to 2x8 pins on the PSU because I don't have 3.

Disabled MPO and HPET with no noticeable effect.

Drive has 300GB free out of 1TB.

Journeyman III



Got a brand new 6800xt and noticed stuttering in almost all games, most noticeably in Minecraft.

Stuttering in Minecraft happens at chunk or terrain generation with spiking load on engine (Actually such microstuttering is common for many games when shaders are cashing or assets are loading). That's how it is, and it feels same on Nvidia from my experience.
On my 6750 XT with 250 ms monitoring polling rate i hadn't noticed even single dip below 500 mHz even with vsync on. At 100 ms polling rate, yes there are occasionaly. When chunk is loading there is just not enough stuff to render as GPU awaits resources.
But i would HEAVILY recommending you to do one thing. Disable vsync (in Minecraft you can do it from game). Unlock FPS. It will improve experience by a lot. And don't use Enchanced sync currently.
Also don't set chunk render to high value. It will just increase load on CPU making GPU wait for even more time.

Volunteer Moderator

I agree. I was trying to just make everything look as nice as possible, but the higher the chunk render value the harder it taxes the CPU and your GPU sits waiting for the CPU to catch up. This is just how things seem to be with most Open GL, and Java games. I could be completely wrong and would love for someone to come in here and tell me how to get games like Project Zomboid to run at 240FPS but I have spent hours trying to find a solution and cannot find any beyond reducing CPU load.

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Heh, try to run Pathfinder WOTR at higher than 144 FPS. Even if it is DX11 game
Usually it is around 100, no more. F*ck Unity. Slow engine for games with lots of assets.
Game is beautiful though (i really like how lightning is rendered in that game)

FTL is OGL and won't run at high FPS whatsoever.

XCOM will hardly ever hit 144 FPS as well... Also DX11 game iirc
Engine limitations are real. Not every game use chunk loading system though. Sadly Warframe seems to be doing that (at least it caches some stuff, so next time it happens faster), hence random microstutters.

Black Desert Online also uses chunk loading. But chunks there are HUGE, and you usually hit drive limitation, and not CPU one. Also particle rendering drops FPS from 300 to 70 in this game. Nice engine.

And so on and so forth)


Stuttering was happening when I was standing still and just moving my mouse, and was not happening on my old 2060 Super.

It's also very possible that it's just a CPU bottleneck, would a 9700k bottleneck a 6800xt?

Journeyman III

Noticed my GPU jumping between 856mV and 881mV. 856 is below the minimum. Tested with multiple power supplies. Is this GPU defective?