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Journeyman III

6800XT stops working when I install drivers.



I've recently got a second-hand MSI RX 6800XT Gaming X Trio. I used it for 10 minutes without installing any drivers just to see how it went which was fine. Just browsing, at 768p.

However, when I install new drivers (V 23.2.1), when it flickers, on the second flicker graphics don't resume and the screen just goes into standby mode. After that, graphics don't work past the BIOS screen until I uninstall the drivers upon which the graphics card starts working again (at 768p). I have a spare GPU to do this with.

I'd love to get this working for a friend. The issue happens on several systems. There is a black substance on the inside end of the card but after inspection there doesn't seem to be a source for it from any of the capacitors or MOSFAT's, and everything else seems in order.  Any advice? It would be much appreciated.

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