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Adept I

6800XT Random Stuttering Only on one screen

Hey everyone,


I've been having this situation since I got this card , 1.5 years ago, which is I turn on the PC, and on one of the screens be it the main or secondary it will sometimes stutter using windows, even dragging a window it's like ... 5/10 FPS, the only way to overcome this is to open furmark or a game and set it to that specific screen for some seconds, like 10 is okay, or restart windows until it's fine.

Happens with any driver, tried DDU dozens of times, rollbacks, older drivers, it's always the same.

I don't have this issue on Linux so I guess this is either a windows driver or windows issue?


Any ideas?


My specs are:

GPU: AsRock 6800XT

CPU: 5900x

RAM: Corsair Vengeance 64GB 3200Mhz

MoBo: Asus Prime x570 Pro Prime



Thanks in advance.


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Adept I

Attached are two videos, the first one is the stuttering one, the second is after running some full screen 3d app like furmark and/or turning off/on the screen. Keep it mind it can be either of the monitors, but never both at the same time (at least that I noticed)