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Journeyman III

6800xt Black screen / VGA light


I got my hands on a new asrock taichi 6800xt and for about 2 days it was working fine. (newest software, bios etc). 

Yesterday when i turned my computer on I lost video signal: system unresponsive with 2 black screens. After restarting 6 or 7 times signal came back and it let me into bios. i reset bios settings (because one of the many errors it gave was dram) and it turned back on. I found that nothing specific triggers the signal loss, it would happen on the desktop, during gameplay, unattended, didnt matter. 

after a few minutes, black screens again and VGA lights. 

I spent the rest of the day troubleshooting:

-DDU fresh install 

-Bios update

-windows install 

-changed cpus (3700x -> 5600x)

-changed power supply (750w gold to 850w gold)

-reslotted all rams etc 

at the end of the day, my previous card (5700xt) works fine and i cant get any stable signal from my 6800xt. I have seen other people who experienced this in the past, was there a fix that works or do I need to return it? (once again it worked perfectly for about 2 days..) 

I cant even submit a crash report to AMD because it doesnt seem to prompt that when it happens...




asrock taichi 6800xt

32gb corsair ram (16s)

asus tuf gaming x570 plus wifi 

evga 850w gold

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