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6800XT Adaptive-Sync Problem

Hello,  I changed the RTX 3080 video card to 6800XT and I got an annoying problem. I use the Asus ROG Strix xg279q monitor, it has Adaptive-Sync (DP) when enabling the adaptive Sync Compatible function in AMD Radeon Software, My Monitor start getting wrong refresh rate(hz), i send to you few photos with issue, for example i have ingame now 112 fps but monitor getting only 54hz, or another example i have 113 fps and monitor showing 170hz. Refresh rate complitly random and not match fps in game. In game i can't play smooth it stutter and "lags" every few seconds.
On 3080 and my previous 2070 i not have this problems with G-Sync Compatilbe.
DriverVersion 20.12.1


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