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Journeyman III

6800 requiring several restarts to detect monitors

Really weird problem.

I upgraded to a 6800 from a 980 Ti.  I removed all the old nVidia drivers.  I used DDU to clean it out.  Installed my new 6800 and the newest Radeon drivers.  Now it is taking up to 10 restarts for the card to recognize either of my monitors.  Once it finds a monitor and I can get into Windows, it works perfectly.  It's absolutely stable and I even ran the benchmark of Shadow of the Tomb Raider on max settings with RT.  So the card works - it just takes many starts.  This only happens with restarts.  Sleep mode is unaffected.


I know it is the GPU because it is the only element I have changed from a new system that has been working for a couple weeks.


I have checked all connections, I have tried just one monitor, I have tried connecting using different ports (I have one HDMI connected monitor, one DP monitor).  Rebooting to Safe Mode is also effected by this problem so it is not a driver issue.



I'm running:


Aorus Pro AX B550 ITX (latest BIOS)

Ryzen 5800x

AMD-made RX 6800 (latest drivers)

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Thanks for the share. Most likely this is something a future bios and/or chipset driver may help with. 

I would report your findings to AMD:

You should also report this to your motherboards support department. 

Adept III

I'm unfamiliar with that MB, is there a boot status LED? If so is the light hanging on VGA? Is the system fully posting and just not sending display?