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Adept I

6800 and Valve Index, Completely unstable, Low fps, tons of drops

Trying to use an RX6800 to run a Valve Index, and it's completely unstable, barely sustains fps of 80, drops down to 40FPS regularly, 1,000s of dropped frames, and GPU maxed at 99% won't even play the home screens or basic training games, tons of glitches and reprojections. Using fps VR to identify measurements. My old ass GTX 1650 ran better than this card very pissed.  Can't even use my VR rig at the moment due to unplayable characteristics.  Best of all called the AMD support hotline,  and they told me straight up, have no idea, how to fix, don't know if their team is working on fixes, and would email me back,  They didn't.  Anyone else with this issue I would like to know. 

Ryzen 3 3600, 16g Ram, 750 watt power, B550 MOB

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Adept II

How game play in general when not in VR.  If there fine then your setting in VR and display.

1. First off did you DDU your system before installing your new card. 

"Display Driver Uninstaller" This help clean out the nvidia drivers and AMD ones  Switching card like can make for some problems.


2. Second did you mess around with any setting like display.  

VR set on

1setting / system / display / click on "Graphics setting"

2Click on "VR Dashboard"


4 pick "High Perforance"

5. Save

Your system should now be smoother

Next is your index settings.  my guess is that it set to 80 refresh 

click power on the controller

Lower right look like a gear or Setting laser point it.

"Display" pick your refresh rate. 

When you pick your new refresh rate just above that should Restart Steam VR click it.

That should do you.



Index acts as your main screen.  Just saying!!! If your index happens to be display 1 and you tv display 2 to it a pain to fix can be done. I own a 5700xt and lets us know if that fix it for you.

Not AMD Support problem is if your 6800 play's games normally.   That would be steams support problem help you solve. 


Thank you for chiming in

1. This is a brand new build with no drivers to uninstall 1650 was a different computer.

2. I have been playing with all the settings,  the index ss is turned down from 150% to 100% now at 80%

3. I will reset to high performance in VR I have not done so, on a side note I did switch the MOB to optimized settings instead of standard.

4. refresh rate starts standard on 90, already lowered to 80, but the image smoothness now sufferers, and I feel I didn't spend money to turn settings lower. 

5. having trouble identifying display port assignment numbers, will also check that, and did you mean Index should be in port #1 and everything else after?

6. contacting Steam VR today.

Thank you for the most concise help anyone has offered me yet, including the AMD tech line, and about 5 phone calls to the most computer experienced friends I know.  This is greatly appreciated. Thanks again


I'm having a similar issue with my 6900 XT, utalization will randomly drop to 0% and a ton of frames will be dropped


I've been having similar issues with my 6900 XT, GPU utilization will randomly drop to 0% and it will drop a ton of frames.

Yes I recognize everything with my 6900xt card. I can easily lock frames 30 with my 1080ti in for example Microsoft Flight Simulator, and sometimes it can't even achieve the 24 fps but it's still a lot smoother experience then with my 6900xt which is all stuttery at 30fps lock, alltho it can achieve those 30 fps easily...Like how is this even possible...

My 6900xt only performs smoother at a 40/45 fps, when I hit 80 fps my asw also works smooth. But seriously this is unacceptable...The whole advantage the oculus have with a smooth 30hz or even 18hz experience is gone and now I can't enjoy alot of games anymore in VR. My patience is put on the test fore sure....Will make up my mind soon to sell.


My 6900XT has also very bad frame times.... In almost every game it feel choppy and sometimes the FPS drop from like 140 to 90 for a second and then go back up, which results in stuttering.

This happens even if I limit FPS...

I wanted a full AMD built this time, but to be honest, it's not very consistent, I think there is a lot of fixing needed on the software side!

I haven't tried the new Agesa and the new AMD chipset drivers yet though, but not high hopes that it will change much.


I was able to to get my RX 590 on the latest driver working perfectly using this post (specifically #3)

Credit to Zarlock

Yes, I also was lucky enough to get the card and have been surprised by the performance and frame drop woes (my hmd is Valve Index). After two (very) intense weeks of testing with the help of FpsVr, these are the things that I have found out:

1 - Immediately disable SteamVR Mirror and any secondary screen you might have. I used to stream VR games by sharing the view on a secondary monitor, and that is simply not viable with the 6800.Huge performance hit and more drops! I obtained a great improvement by keeping only a single (144hz, display port) monitor on and NO mirror besides the one generated by the game itself. This makes streaming impossible for some games, I'm afraid.

2 - Disable EVERY special function in the Radeon drivers, especially Radeon Anti-Lag. Now the way I understand it, this option syncs the frame rendering of the graphics to actual monitor refresh, which could be extremely bad for VR, since it doesn't allow for pre-rendering unless the game's engine itself takes care of it. And thus increases the probability of "pink" frame drops (the ones you actually notice while playing, while reds and orange in the graph are kind of ok)

3 - More experimental and ONLY TRY AT YOUR RISK: i got to this point just yesterday evening and I'm not even sure it makes a difference, but it does SEEM to help even more. Now, as you might know NVIDIA drivers have a function named "pre-rendered frames for VR" that you can increase if you have too many pink drops. It's set to "1" by default. While originally being available on AMD drivers and briefly on a now outdated and non-functional app, it is currently (possibly) achievable only by a registry edit. Its name is Flipqueuesize and it is activated thus:


then add hex key "FlipQueueSize",and set it depending on your preference:

0x3100 (frame queue 0) 0x3200 (frame queue 1) 0x3300 (frame queue 2) 0x3400 (frame queue 3)

I currently have set it to "3" after testing 2 in the morning. And once again disclaimer: only try this if you are comfortable with using Regedit. Now, while originally having drops pretty much everywhere, things have got much, MUCH better for me. The previously stuttering War Thunder is almost 100% perfect (at 115-120 fps in crowded battles, no less) and No Man's Sky is just a bit skippy, but you can really filter it in your mind you're having enough fun. Other, more recent and better optimized games run pretty much perfectly: such is the case with SW Squadrons and Project Wingman. Only Assetto Corsa Competizione still drops a lot, about once or twice per lap. But that is a very demanding game altogether, that you can't really run it in 120 hz even with the mighty 6800.


I found a solution for the valve index performance issues 6800 / 6800XT / 6900XT

if you disable motion smoothing in the index settings helps alot with the frame drops and lagging

hopefully this information is of use