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Journeyman III


Okay first of all I was a nvidia baller once then I realized amd is the best value and now I want to buy a new rig for my self which is : 

6700 xt , b760m ddr4 , 2*8gb 3600mhz , i3 12100f and 800w power

Im planning to upgrade my cpu next year , I have seen some videos in youtube talking about the game stutters and low 1%lows and some driver issues and some other issues while you plug it in to a vga monitor with a converter

I am concerned if it happens to me cause I have a very limited budget and I cant really replace the gpu if that happens and Im in Iran so I cant use gurantee and it is very expensive right now too

Have anyone faced these problems recently and if he had then how did u solve it?

Can u give me some benchmarks in this rig too

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