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Journeyman III

6700XT working hard unloaded

Hi, just installed a 6700XT in a game computer. This happen: I watch a movie for 90 min. Everythink is fine. The card is silent. I finish watching and close the browser, no load on cpu. The the fans start working hard, the temperature is about 70ºC, fan speed about 2600-2700 rpm, usage is 99%. This continues for a long time and I don´t use anything in the computer. Standard settings is checked. Engergi consumtion is 185 W, 1100-11200 mVC, Vram 1990 Mhz.

Windows 11, CPU i7 8700, 32 Gb RAM.

Why does this happens? If I do "normal" stuff, like documents and so the GPU is quiet. Always after I finish a movie the fans start up with full speed and never stops. I had to shut down and wait some time before I can start the computer again and it will work properly again. 

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