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Journeyman III

6700xt reboots with KSP fullscreen, windowed works

All other games work with the 6700xt, fullscreen or not, even the much more GPU dependent games.

Problem only happens while loading Kerbal Space Program (KSP), with mods installed, with the new 6700xt, and in fullscreen.
Change any one of those factors and it works fine.

- Unmodded KSP loads fine with the new 6700xt, even in fullscreen.

- Modded KSP loads fine with the new 6700xt, but only if it's in windowed mode.

- Modded KSP loads fine with the old rx570 put back in, even in fullscreen.


KSP always crashes at the exact same point, 10 seconds after starting the game.
KSP goes fullscreen, I get the KSP slideshow/loading bar and 10 seconds later the computer hard reboots.

I have upgraded to the latest motherboard bios, updated all drivers, even tested on a spare drive with a fresh install of windows. Nothing has changed the KSP crash/rebooting.

The only other info I have is from the KSP log file. The log file for a crash in fullscreen with the 6700xt looks exactly the same as when it's in windowed with the 6700xt up until the log file ends due to the crash. The next line in log file when it works is about loading audio.

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Journeyman III

I've been having an issue with my PC crashing to green/black screen for months. I've done everything software wise, including a complete clean install of windows. It's still happening. I noticed that it is only happening with games I've launched from Epic Games. Your post made me try testing out playing those games in windowed mode, and they actually worked. So i'm having 100% the same issue as you. I have no idea what to do.


All other games are working fine in fullscreen for me. It's only modded KSP that reboots while in fullscreen.

I'm not having any issues with the epic games launcher or in games opened from the epic games launcher.


Are you getting anything showing up in the windows event viewer related to your problem?

I get nothing showing up other than windows saying it rebooted without shutting down first.