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Adept I

6700xt performance issues

hello this is my first time posting a discussion so excuse me if i made any mistakes.

i got my 6700xt last week wich i upgraded from a rx580 8gb.

i have seen very little to no uplift in performance sometimes even worse performances especially in fortnite

my full system specs:r5 3600 default settings.
3200mhz ddr4 16gb xmp profile working.
asrock b450 pr04 motherboard with latest drivers.
uninstalled old drivers with ddu before putting the 6700xt.
first time testing some games i noticed very poor performance. warzone getting around 110 fps on low or high.
fortnite fps around 130 in real games and 240 in creative.
when i watch the gpu metrics i can see that it sometimes clocks down to very low speeds from around 2500mhz to 500-600mhz.
i tryed putting a custom profile on it that i know is stable but it will sometimes still downclock by itself.
i have checked all radeon settings and cant find anything holding it back.

also tried enabling or disabling sam and the performance was as expected just a chunk lower then i would see in benchmark videos
the card works fine in benchmark programs like heaven (getting around 3800 on extreme fullscreen 1080p wich is very normal) it also doesnt clock down.

i know the ryzen 5 3600 is not the best at high fps 1080p gaming but when i compare it to benchmarks on yt im still below their fps by about 30 to 40 percent.

anyone else experiencing these problems or have a fix or maybe an idea on what it could be?

help is very appreciated been trying to fix this problem for 4 days now.

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I made a post about pretty much the same issue a couple days ago. Can read up on responses here:
My post

TL;DR- The RX 6000 series seem to be having issues in games that use DirectX version older than 12.  Specifically, games that have lower GPU requirements or simply older games seem to make the card go into low effort mode. Low frequencies and low power usage (around 50W) are the symptoms. So far no solution has been found, at least I haven't found how to fix it in DX11 games and noone else seems to know anything either. If you try more demanding newer games like Resident Evil Village or anything like that you should see proper performance. 

Also, higher settings or resolutions seem to make GPU wake up so you might get better FPS on higher settings.

First all of all thanks for the replies.


I read your post and it is pretty much what im experiencing just in other games.

I did some more testing yesterday and it happenned alot in dx11 games when dx12 are working fine pretty much all the time.

I tested fortnite again yesterday and after switching to dx12 mode in the settings the game ran amazing with very little issues.

a software problem and nothing mechanical.i hope they are able to fix this problem with some updates.


The switching to low effort mode still happens in specific moments but by cranking up some settings it did kind of fix it in some games.

Hope they are working on it. My problem seems to alteast be fixxed now.


Thnx for all the replies


Community Manager

Try setting the minimum GPU frequency in Radeon Software > Performance > Tuning menu to 100Mhz lower than the maximum frequency and then click Apply. This may help keep clock speeds higher in CPU bound scenarios such as the one described. 

See my example here.




You have no advice for rx6900xt ? 


I have a 6900 XT also, the same advice applies to that.
What I will say is that the 6900 XT is an incredibly powerful graphics card and is twice as powerful as the 6700 XT.

i know but why not 99% use Other than 4k resolution


It can be difficult to keep 5120 shaders fully occupied with work at lower resolutions. Unless the game is very well optimised, GPU bound at lower resolutions, and you have a powerful CPU (Ryzen 5000 series) with fast memory, then you may not see full GPU utilisation, in certain games, at certain settings. 


I've tried setting minimum frequencies but atleast in Yakuza 0 where I tested it it had no effect at all. According to the overlay the frequencies were working as set but in areas where the performance decreases it was still happening like nothing changed. I've seen some reddit posts with this issue report the same - setting higher minimum frequencies didn't do anything for performance in these cases. I don't know how that can make sense but having tested that myself I know it's really happening.

Adept I

Hi, could you solve it? 

(Sorry for my English)

i bought a RX 6700 XT sapphire pulse 12gb about a week ago and it works horrible. 

I had a challenger 5500 xt 4gb and games such as Age of Empires 2, or Cs Go even Fortnite ran perfect. In radeon software said it's performance was optimal.

Now with this new gpu all games say that the performance is marginal, and run with microcuts. I don't know how to say it in english. But they crash and the image stands still for a few seconds and then it goes forward like in maximum speed.

It happens all the time. I sent it to the seller and he says its not problem of the gpu its from drivers.

I reinstalled windows and actualiced every single driver in the pc and the problem is still there.

I'm frustrated, here in Argentina these things are really expensive, and I'm wasting time and money trying to solve it.  




i just read your comment so sorry for my late reaction.

it seems to happen in most dx11 games where it clocks down or just doesnt perform well.
at this point i think its just a driver or software problem because the card itself has no problems in games where it does work without problems.

what is your setup?

try switching from dx11 to dx12 in games that can run in both and see if the performance changes.
for example when i play fortnite in dx11 i get alot of stutters and frames drop down to 60-70.
when switching to dx12 the fps are very high and barely drops down below 130.


@Tommy053 thanks for the reply. Unfortunately that isn't possible in AOEII. The game i most like to play. I made another thread where I specially mention something extremely rare.

If you record the screen with radeon software while playing, the game runs smooth, as long as the recording is turned on. If you shut it down, it gets bad again.