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Journeyman III

6700XT Flickering When Under Load

So, I've done research on AMDHelp Subreddit and Google searches, but I can't seem to find an answer on why this is occurring. I got this GPU a little under a month ago and ever since I put it into my system, I have noticed that sometimes while gaming I will experience black flickers every so often. It lasts for about a second and then goes back to normal. I thought it may have been an Adaptive Sync/FreeSync issue so I turned that off before playing Spider-Man and the issue still occurred. It seems to only happen while gaming. I really would not care about this if it only happened in single-player games, but when it happens in Counter Strike 2 it really makes me wanna return this thing and just go back to NVIDIA.

I've tried using DDU and fresh installing drivers, I've tried disabling some basic OC/UV settings in Adrenaline, disabled MPO, blah blah blah blah. Nothing works. The only thing I have not tried is using a new Display Port cable. My new DisplayPort cable just came in a few minutes ago and I will test just to see if that was the problem, but I am not very hopeful.

I also need to try unplugging my 2nd monitor and seeing if it occurs while using a singular monitor, and also maybe trying HDMI instead of DisplayPort and see if maybe my GPU's DP port is faulty?

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lol .. I'm sounding like a broken record here

Knowing your full system specs would be very helpful in helping you to troubleshoot your issue .. including, but not limited to the make and model of your power supply

.. knowing what your previous GPU was for comparison sake would be helpful as well. 

Things that can come into play:

Underperforming PSU

Running separate power cables from the PSU to each power input on GPU is preferred method

Chipset drivers ..are they up to date (from either or not motherboard manufacturer's site)

Updated BIOS on motherboard?

ThreeDee PC specs

sorry for not providing full information, here's some of the things you asked about:

my PSU: PowerSpec 650 Watt 80 Plus Bronze ATX Semi-Modular

my previous GPU: RTX 2060 SUPER (before i installed my new one i went through DDU and removed everything, actually did it again later on to see if removing amd and nvidia and then installing would fix the issue)

i cannot run separate power cables afaik because i only have 1 PCIE slot

my chipset drivers are up to date from AMD's website (ryzen 5 3600)

and my BIOS was updated about 2 weeks ago to the latest version.


what model Powerspec PSU?

You can check out the PSU Tier List .. your PSU is considered Low end or worse depending on model

I'd say your PSU is the main suspect of your woes .. the 6700XT is a bit more demanding than an RTX 2060 Super on the PSU

I never recommend "minimum" requirements .. never trust PSU wattage calculators.. always get more than what you might think your total system under 100% will use .. never skimp on the power supply

I ran an MSI 6700xt Mech x2 OC paired with both a Seasonic Focus 850wtt 80+ Platinum as well as an EVGA GQ 850wtt 80+ Gold without issue .. it was a great card for me and continues to run great in an AM4 build I sold to a friend of mine.


ThreeDee PC specs