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6600xt Multi Resolution Support?

So does the 6600xt not support multi resolutions via multiple monitors? I mean this would be a pretty stupid thing not to implement in a video card with this price tag and boasts this performance. Seriously, my gtx 1050ti could render 2 diff resolutions without any issue gaming streaming etc.

I've checked all over the inet and I can't find any solution whatsoever. Windows keeps defaulting both monitors to 1080p and wont let me change my 4k to 4k. Wont let me enable HDR or anything. Windows keeps defaulting to whatever the resolution is for whatever is plugged into the first DP port. I've had to get a dp to hdmi adapter and even switching that around along with the hdmi cables made no difference whatsoever. 

I tried to create a custom resolution but just says its not supported.

I forgot to say that for some reason when plugging in the 4k to the adapter it defaults to 1080 and wont let me set it to 4k with the adapter even tho the adapter says it supports "4k ULTRA HD!"

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Hmmm, thats odd, my Rx 6600 XT is running both a 720p and a 1080p in there respective resolution. Are both running DP or is the second monitor running HDMI ?


One is HDMI and one is running off dp with adapter to hdmi. Maybe I should run both off DP with adapter and see if that solves it. But I live in a small town and would have to drive to the city to get it and I won't be doing that soon. 


It might help to know what makes/models of monitors.


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it was teh cables so it doesnt matter what the monitors are

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I have a similar problem.  RX 6600 is changing 3rd monitor to some weird resolution and only giving me upper half screen.   All resolutions in win 10 are HDR and 1920x1080 but Adrenaline Quick Setup keeps changing 3rd monitor Res.    All 3  Monitors are the same TCL 65inch tvs 4K  and they all work fine until I click Quick setup.  custom Resolution doesn't fix either.