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Graphics Cards

Journeyman III

6 monitors! What graphics card to buy?

So I am running old hardware and am thinking of buying some more used monitors.
With that, I would like to buy a used Radeon card which could drive 6 monitors independently.

This is the kind of monitor setup I would like to run

1 x DL-DVI 2560x1600
1 x HDMI or DP 2560x1600

4 x HDMI or DP 1900x1200

What eyefinity card can actually do this?
I was fist thinking of the Asus Matrix 7970 but that won't work.

I have no problems buying adapters but would like one card that could do this.

I have found some old forum posts here and elsewhere but it is unclear to me if
this can be done?

Any ideas?

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Any GPU in the market with DP 1.2 + MST Hub would be the best option for you

Or buy a FirePro W600


Or a (not amd card) Matrox c680

Let say I would like to do some casual gaming. Not in grid mode. Just gaming on one screen.

I have been trying to find a 7970 or a 7990 which could do what I am after, buying it used.
My computer is about as old as these cards that is my reason for looking at them.

Here is a great compilation of graphics cards for more then 4 displays:
Cards that support more than 4 displays... | ard|Forum

Any more ideas or suggestions anyone?


Matrox C680 is using an AMD chip, however this is an expensive and special GPU and not for gaming.


Hello, asking to many questions here but I would like to go a head and finally find a card I could use for this setup.

A FirePro w9000 would do the job and then buy one or two VisionTek 900640 Mini DisplayPort to Dual Link DVI-D Active Adapter for use

with monitors that only have dual-link dvi input?


W9000 is a high-end workstation graphics card (EOL'ed) and not suitable for gaming. It consumes a lot of power. You should use this card in a sophisticated system with a good power supply. With mDP2DL-DVI adapters it should work.


So, I bought a used FirePro w9000. I assume I need a usb powered active mDP2DL-DVI adapter to be able to connect this to a 2560x1600@60 Hz div-d monitor?

Journeyman III

Maybe a MSI R7970 Lightning Radeon HD 7970 3GB would do the trick?

1 x mDP with Active mDP to DL-DVI adapter at 2560x1600
1 x mDP 2560x1600

2 x mDP 1900x1200

2 x SL-DVI 1900x1200