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Adept I

5700xt video tearing


i have XFX 5700 XT, when watching video i got screen tearing but when i turn off freesync at radeon display setting i don't see it anymore. can someone tell the solution watching video without turn it off?

i'm using media player classic, and testing it with windows movie&tv the result still the same when i use other app

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Adept I

It seems to be an issue that the 5700 cards are having with Free-sync. I have a 5700 that experienced the same issues you're experiencing, but more pronounced in games like Battlefield V (menu). Apparently older Radeon cards also have had the same issue. 

A lot of folks have been saying it's the monitor's free-sync, but I disagree. I've bee using my LG 34UM68-P with my 1080 GTX just fine until I started using my 5700 with it. The only way to really stop the tearing is to disable free-sync on both the GPU and on the monitor. 

yeah the problem is same as me, i'm realize the problem only show when watch video in fullscreen even on youtube. AMD really need to fix this problem it's very annoying and i quite disappointed they don't support Fluid Motion anymore.


and thank you for the solution


is AMD already fix this issue with newer version driver?