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Journeyman III

5700XT issues, Wattman issues

I cannot do anything in Global Wattman, the screen looks weird and you cannot edit anything or change anything. I attached a picture to show you. I have weird FPS issues with games, and they are random. I had it with Rocket League, and I changed it to windowed/borderless and it fixed it for a day. Then it comes back. Then I turned vsync off and it fixed it for a day. Then it goes back. Not the settings but the issues.

I have been combing these forums since I got the card and I have been having issues since I got the card.

I cannot undervolt, I cannot change any fan speeds, etc. MSI afterburner never even loads values into the program. (I am not using an MSI card but i heard you can still edit stuff through it)

I am very frustrated, I have changed XMP profiles for the ram to see if that was the issue, but I can put my old Vega 56 in and the system runs fine.

I am running out of options, I am thinking of replacing the mobo in case the connection to the card is bad. I took my riser out, I cleaned everything properly (I work in electronics).....

I'm dyin here.... help me please.

Also please dont tell me uninstall and reinstall drivers, I have done this countless amounts of times cleanly and properly.

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Adept I

All these problems seem to be relating to the 5700XT cards but not the 5700 vanilla?  I am sure they are too power hungry and/r running hot.  Have you tried a very old driver without wattman (16.6.1)?  I installed that a few weeks ago and haven't any black screens since.  Well I did have a few but I also had an old asus sound card in the pci slot which I forgot about (with no driver installed), so I removed it and touch wood no problems since!  Also I cleaned the cpu heatsink right near the motherboard where the pipes curve off the cpu onto the big metal sink.  The pipes were caked in dust where I couldn't see them so I think that wasn't helping.  Since I did all 3 things (use old driver, remove soundcard, clean heatsink pipes properly), no crashes!  I hope it isn't a fluke!  But regardless no wattman has been reset messages


Actually I went and bought an nvidia 2070 super and my performance has

never been better and I have had literally zero issues. It shouldn’t be

like this, with the troubleshooting and doing things over and over again

with no resolution.

I’ll never buy another AMD card ever again, it’s a joke that this many

people were having problems that never got fixed.

On Sun, Oct 13, 2019 at 10:59 AM frodofreeman <>


Hi, well glad you got a new card and now have no problems!  I agree we shouldn't have to put up with such nonsense and I'm surprised AMD aren't able to fix it.  I'm convinced it's the stupid wattman feature which came in last few years, somehow it's bugged with windows 10 and power levels/heat/fan speed/whatever.   Only 1 other guy has tested the 16.6.1 driver but he said his card was already dead from previous problem with the 19.x.x drivers so he couldn't test it properly.  The weird thing is that PC Gamer has reviewed the Sapphire 5700 Pulse and not mentioned any problems, also Overclockers seems oblivious to it aswell, but lots of people here are getting the black screens.  So I give up as to what is going on!