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Journeyman III

5700XT fan curve being overridden somehow

XFX Thicc III Ultra 5700xt 

Set to Performance mode BIOS versus the quiet mode. 

20.4.2 AMD Driver (May 2020) - found to be stable versus the newer ones 

Using the Radeon software, I set a custom fan curve to be flat to test this out... setting fan speed to flat 60% no matter the temperature, the fans violently speed up and down while playing any game whether it's transitioning from the loading menu to the game or back to the options screen. It's insanity! 

Note: The fans set at this constant 60% fan speed does just that as long as I'm not playing a game. As soon as a game starts up and the GPU has to work, it goes haywire again with the fans UP and DOWN, completely ignoring my custom fan curve in Radeon. 

I know this particular card from XFX has zero rpm fan mode by default where fans only kick on once reaching 60C but the custom fan curve in Radeon overrides this completely... why else would the fans suddenly keep my 60% when the temps are at like 40C. 

So my question is... what is causing this? And how do I fix it? So annoying. 

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