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5700XT Drivers crashing even with newest update.

Specs (all stock for purposes of trying to get this to work):
Ryzen 3800x (Temps never exceed 40c)

5700XT Reference @ stock - Fan manual 100% (temps don't exceed 70c)

G.Skill Trident RGB 3200mhz 16gb (8x2)

EVGA 80+ 750w

Gigabyte Aorus x570

Ever since buying this card, I legit cannot play most games. Fortnite doesn't crash, but almost everything else that uses high percentages of the card do not work at all. I've tried nearly every suggestion I can find, and have not had any result. 

Every driver is the latest as of 10/24, I've tried every previous version. 
Bios is the latest as of 10/24 as well when I check again, and I've tried every version.

I've tested the entire system w/o the card and using a Vega 56, everything works fine. 

Only thing causing it is specifically the 5700xt card. I've returned it to amazon and got a new one sent out. 

I am honestly so frustrated. I've been a huge fan of AMD since before the ATI/AMD merger and have only ever bought nVidia/Iturd products if they were in a laptop, and that's because it was too good of a deal to pass up. 


Hell, I even have stocks in AMD. 

At this point though, considering it seems to be such a huge problem since the start, I'm about ready to say screwit and buy a Nvidia card so I can play some games.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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Adept II

>Ever since buying this card, I legit cannot play most games

Same. Inb4 "DDU, reinstall drivers" advice. There is no fix dude, this is just an example of a company releasing a piece of hardware when they shouldn't have. I'm trying to get a refund so I can get a 2070S so I can actually play games again.......

Honestly it's a shame, but I just don't have the time to wait around. It's been out for what, 5 months now? This is honestly insane. I'm surprised that this hasn't really effected their stock prices. I'll give it another week, until I'm at the end of my return date, and then I'm going to send it back and go nvidia for the first time since ATI was still a company.

What's a real shame is they aren't even really acknowledging it. 

Adept I

Yup just refund that piece of junk and get the 2070Super. I also so frustrated with my reference sapphire 5700 xt. AND NOT A SINGLE REVIEWER on Youtube talk about this problem!

Adept II

Yes. having the same issue. Games crash after the newest drivers - Battlefront 2 is not playable. Turning Enhanced sync off works sometimes, to help minimize crashes, but that is not the point - there is no functionality which is working reliably then. SOme games will even not be startable, like CS:GO. Bought an Asus Strix RX 5700 XT and very disappointed in the driver implementation so far, tried so many different drivers including the most stable 19.7.5, but even then it crashes, and has some bugs which were fixed in later drivers, which still don't work.


I love AMD's acknowledgement of this issue and speedy repair of it.

Adept II

I had a 5700xt initially was so frustrated with the bsod issues and bought a 2070s but rtx seriously is a waste of money as u get a huge performance hit with RTX on and u spend a tonne of money for the gpu. Recently there was many clearance deals for 5700 and i couldnt resist since u can easily flash the card 5700xt so i took the gamble once again and again bsod issues still have not been fixed even to the latest drivers. I took a different approach and install the drivers via device manager and it havent crashes after that i suspect wattman is still the culprit.Only drawback is you loose all wattman functionality and also radeon image sharpening im not sure if i can enable it via registry access.


I am going to stick with this card. If I disable my second monitor, I can still use the wattman feature and to me, that is extremely important as that's what really throws this card over the top of any nvidia card.


I also can't use this card without wattman, as the max speed setting by default is like 60% and it overheats without wattman.

Adept II

just return the piece of junk called 5700 XT and stick with your old card or get an RTX, my guess is the driver never was or will be good enough without killing some nerves, its been like 4 months into the lifetime of this card but some problems are fixed while another bunch emerges where it shouldnt emerge from . Like a lot of ppl said, the Vega ran almost flawless with their driver but somehow the Navi sticks to the part of an "defective" product

Journeyman III

I only have a lowly RX480 but I can feel y'all's frustration on a whole different level. Except y'all paid twice more than I did oof. I have had multiple blue screen crashes, failures to boot up, video freezes, etc. etc. with this piece of junk. And this was my first PC build! Talk about a good advert to stick with console. Don't know why I stuck with this damn thing and didn't just get Nvidia. You get what you pay for!!!