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Journeyman III

5700xt Bad anti aliasing

I have tried everything to remove the jaggy surface in games but nothing helped me. Why it's happening only to a few bunch of people like me? What did we do, it's so annoying! Please help me ASAP I need help I can't fix it and FXAA MSAA or changing Amd adrenalin settings won't help me.

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It's not just you, AMD's anti-aliasing driver toggles (and the anisotropic filtering one too) haven't been working correctly for ages (or seemingly ever for Navi based GPUs) except for a few old OpenGL games which leaves you with two options.

You can use VSR to force higher resolutions and then downsample them to fit your display (not ideal most of the time with older games that don't support such resolutions and the downsampling is done with a crude bilinear resizer so it's not as good as genuine supersampling, performance can also be a problem with newer games)

Or you can use ReShade or similar injectors to force FXAA or SMAA into many games even old ones (again not always ideal as it's post process AA which can miss edges, cause blurring and does absolutely nothing about shimmer or pixel creep, on the plus side though the performance hit is minuscule)

As for anisotropic filtering there's no fix for that.


Vsr helps in some of the games like fortnite but in the other games the screen zooms.

Also thx for the help I'll try reshade. But I have one question: What about the low Lod? Is it amd's fault too?
If it's amd's fault they should fix it immediately


Also I started to use ReShade and ı'm using lumasharpen fxaa smaa and fakehdr 

If you are using reshade, can you recommend  me some of your settings like the parameters 


When you say low LoD do you mean objects or textures?

Also i only really use ReShade to force SMAA and occasionally MXAO which needs to be configured on a per game basis. The SMAA settings I've found generally work ok for me are

Threshold 0.05

Max search steps 32 

max search steps diagonal 16

corner rounding 25


It happened only a few times but no problem. So to remove a bit of the jaggies which plugin do you recommend me to use in reshade?  Like I said I started to use fxaa smaa only but can you tell me about MXAO how can I download that?


MXAO is part of the qUINT shader pack in ReShade you can download it when installing ReShade into any game.

It provides post process ambient occlusion based loosely on HBAO+ with less performance hit.

It's a bit of a pain to configure properly with a lot of games and isn't much good when a game has a bunch of post process effects already as depth sorting can then become a glaring issue (you can see ambient occlusion shadows through godrays and distance fog for example which shouldn't happen as in a normal render pipeline AO is done before godrays etc so gets occluded by them)


You need to report the problem you are experiencing with a screenshot with that...