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Adept II

5700XT and Video Editing Software (Decoding)


I updated my build to a x570, 3900x, 5700XT this week and ive noticed that there is an issue with the GPU not decoding my footage in premiere pro and davinci resolve.

The footage is all scrambled and the softwares lag out and eventually crash. (Rendering the footage works...)

The problem seems only to occur when i have either down or upscaled the footage. (4k footage on a 1080 timeline for example)

Anyone facing the same problems? 

Note: Games run fine 

Steps i have tried:

Fresh Windows Install


Installed latest AMD chiplet, processor and GPU drivers

Latest Asus BIOS 7070

My footage is .mp4 from Sony cameras (im not exactly sure but think thats h264?)

Appreciate any support or tests done by others to confirm similar issues.


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Adept I

Hey mate!

The answer to that is to re-install the amd drivers. To delete the driver got to display adapter and delete the amd driver, and also remove radeon settings by using control panel(uninstall programs). Intall the latest amd driver from and the add your preimer pro and davinci reslove in your amd gaming settings.


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Thanks for the info however its not working, actually when I add premiere to the games it starts crashing and the same issues are still there at the same time.

When I remove it from the list it is stable but the footage is the same.

Check attached print screen.


Adept II

Adept I

I've had this exact same issue with my 5700 (non XT). I've done a DDU uninstall in safe mode, reinstalled, turned off sharpening, and VSR. None of that helped. The only way I could stop the video quality during editing to be completely unusable is going to file->project settings-> in premiere and then changing the rendering to Mercury Playback Software only vs. GPU enabled. 

With that, playback is awful in terms of quality, but I can actually see a picture.

Same with Vegas Pro 16, I just upgraded from the RX 580 to the new 5700XT and trying to render using VCE keeps giving an error that I am unable to render. It's frustrating since I have to use my CPU instead of the Graphics which I bought to specifically use it to render my videos. I'm not sure if It's hardware or driving issue but it is quite frustrating that I'm unable to use my GPU. 

Journeyman III

Screenshot (12).pngScreenshot (11).pngVegas Pro 16 VCE 4k does not work 

Journeyman III


Does this issues have been fixed with the latest driver release?

I'm about to buy a rx5700xt...




it has become better with each driver release but still some issues in premiere (only software i use currently)

At first i had problems when footage was being scaled from 4k to 1080 and vice versa but now some clips 4k on 4k timeline for example still scramble.

I am sure it will be fixed over time with driver updates as the card is underperforming overall when it comes to video editing (check pugetsystems they did a test on all graphic cards recently.)

Gaming it works fine now - can run a bit hot at stock settings 93C GPU, 110 Junction if you buy the blower cooler. Id recommend the Gigabyte version just released it has good temps.

My recommendation is to wait buying anything if you have a decent card and see how drivers develop and also wait to see if they announce a new range end of year. Maybe nvidia will drop prices.

If you only do video editing I personally would buy the radeon 7 (if your budget allows) as it outperforms the 2080ti and costs like a 2070 super.

Good luck


Hi, thanks for the reply!

I use davinci resolve for my video work.

My recommendation is to wait buying anything if you have a decent card and see how drivers develop and also wait to see if they announce a new range end of year. Maybe nvidia will drop prices.

Well I currently have an old r9 280x  (with an i5 4690k) and I can't work with it anymore, getting "gpu out of memory" errors and crashes more and more frequently as my projects develops.

Budget wise I am kinda short (I could drop more but at the expense of keeping my i5 4690k for quite longer than I would like) so the rx 5700 xt is at the top (EU BE prices).

And as I like to do some gaming some time to time (mostly flight simulation) I'm more productivity oriented ATM.

You work with your rx 5700xt? (I was thinking about the sapphire or gigabyte one BTW)

The fact that almost all issues and problems reported for the rx 5700xt are a month or two old means they have solved it?


The nvidia 2060 super (about the same price) outperforms the 5700xt by some margin in all editing softwares right now and the drivers are stable so I would probably go for that card could I go back in time!


Sir you are wrong!! The amd rx5700xt outperforms rtx 2070 too!! I have special mods for it.

kindly reply if in need?!

Adept I

Same issue here! After I upgrade to 5600XT, it won't work in Davinci Resolve and does not play any codec footage.

My old Radeon Pro WX4100 works fine. 

Love AMD
Journeyman III

When it comes to video editing software and hardware like the AMD Radeon RX 5700XT, decoding performance plays a crucial role in ensuring smooth editing workflows, especially when handling high-resolution footage. The 5700XT boasts excellent decoding capabilities, thanks to its advanced RDNA architecture, making it well-suited for tasks like video playback and editing.

In conjunction with capable software like CapCut Pro Apk, which is known for its user-friendly interface and robust feature set, the 5700XT can significantly enhance your editing experience. CapCut Pro Apk leverages hardware acceleration provided by GPUs like the 5700XT to accelerate decoding processes, allowing for faster previews, smoother timeline scrubbing, and overall improved responsiveness during editing sessions.

By harnessing the power of the 5700XT's hardware decoding capabilities within CapCut Pro Apk, you can expect quicker access to your footage, smoother playback, and more efficient editing workflows. This synergy between hardware and software enables video editors to focus more on the creative aspects of their projects rather than being hindered by technical limitations.

In summary, the combination of the AMD Radeon RX 5700XT and CapCut Pro Apk provides a compelling solution for video editing enthusiasts seeking high-performance hardware and intuitive software for their projects.

Journeyman III

The AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT is a graphics card commonly used for gaming, but it can also be utilized for video editing tasks thanks to its strong performance in rendering and decoding video content.

When it comes to video editing software, the RX 5700 XT's hardware-accelerated video decoding capabilities can significantly improve the performance of certain tasks. Most modern video editing software leverages hardware acceleration to enhance video decoding, playback, and rendering speeds.

Popular video editing software like  CapCut pro Apk, Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, and others can take advantage of the GPU's decoding capabilities to accelerate the processing of video files. This means smoother playback, faster scrubbing through footage, and quicker rendering times, particularly for formats like H.264, H.265 (HEVC), and others that benefit from hardware decoding.

Overall, pairing the AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT with professional video editing software can result in a smoother and more efficient editing workflow, especially when dealing with high-resolution and high-bitrate video files. However, it's essential to ensure that your chosen software is optimized to take full advantage of the GPU's capabilities.