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5700 xt still resets driver settings and shuts down

For about a year now I have been constantly resetting the settings for the video card driver (power supplies, fans)
I'm trying to say that the settings themselves are reset without my knowledge and influence. Translator((
This happens several times a week, almost every day.
A more rare event is a black screen that is treated only by a reboot.
I don’t notice at what point the settings are reset because there are no notifications, I feel that the video card is either getting too quiet or starting to make a lot of noise, I check the settings and they are reset ....
These problems occur in different games in some more often in some less often, sometimes even in a browser window.
I’ve been with this problem for a long time, I updated drivers, BIOS, OS, nothing helps.
Is it possible to find out what the problem is in the OS / BIOS / video card logs?

I will attach two example settings that are constantly reset. I do not change anything else.

My system:
Graphics Card: RX 5700XT SAPPHIRE NITRO+.
Operating System: Windows 10 64bit, Russian language, OS version 2004, OS assembly 19041.329.
Driver version installed: 20.4.2 (I tried the 4 previous drivers, I did not notice any difference between them)
Display Devices: AOC I2481FXH 1920x1080 (16:9), 60-75 Hz HDMI 1.3.
Motherboard Z370-A PRO (MS-7B48) Bios version 2.B0
CPU i5-8600k 3.60 GHz
Power Supply: Enermax Revolution X't II ERX650AWT 650W
RAM 2x8GB  2133-3000 MHz

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