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Adept I

5700 XT Sapphire Reference random rebooting when idle or gaming


I've had an issue with my 5700 XT which has persisted across drivers. Randomly when gaming (even in non GPU intensive ones like Football Manager) or even idle (twice when downloading a Steam game my PC rebooted) my PC reboots itself with no error. The only change is my Wattman Settings reset to normal. This happens even on stock settings with my only change being fan curve (stock temperatures are far too high with the blower) and that means I'm able to game at 75C max without worry.

I easily destroy Prime95 and Superposition benchmarks and sometimes I can go days without this happening. It's totally random and not connected to temperatures as it also sometimes happens when idle or browzing.

I'm convinced this is due to the 5700 XT. My drivers are all up to date, I've used DDU Uninstaller to install latest versions, BIOS updated, no viruses, wires all connected in the PC, etc. etc.

Is there any fix or reason for this? Maybe a weird Wattman Setting I need to change? I've uploaded my dxdiag in case that helps.

Appreciate any assistance. I'm past a refund warranty otherwise I would definitely send it back. I don't think this is a faulty card as it runs incredibly well on AAA games at highest settings and I've seen other people with this issue across forums.

Thanks a lot.

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Adept I

I have the same issue with my 5700xt sapphire reference card. I have never used anything other than stock settings and problem has persisted since installing it.


I've been using reference sapphire 5700XT, b450 motherboard (currently agesa 1004b) and ryzen 3600 since July. 
I encountered similar issue (random blackscreen) 6-7 times but in my case it was all fixable:

1) It happened first when my 144hz 1440p monitor (LG 32GK650F) was set to 120hz refresh rate on order to make GDDR6 memory clock idling at 100mhz rather then at it's max 875mhz - i just switched back to the monitor's native 144hz refresh rate
2) With the launch of Adrenaline ver.19.9.2 discord hardware acceleration option when enabled (settings-appearance-h.accel) started to cause a videodriver crash followed by system reboot. I've disabled the option and it helped to avoid the issue 
3) When i updated chipset driver to the latest version powerplan automatically was set to "ryzen balanced" instead of "ryzen high perfomance". That led to another random blackscreen followed by system reboot in a day or so. The difference between these powerplans besides other things is PCI-E link managment setting being set to "disabled"  in "ryzen high perfomance".
4) If i was alt tabbing out of the game and then back in when streaming via Relive with a game running in exclusive fullscreen it could cause a blackscreen issue as well. I reported this one to amd and it was fixed in the latest Arenaline release (tested it myself).

I don't have any major instability issues with the card running it at stock or slightly undervolted (2015mhz 1100mv) and this system runs at least during 10 hours/day. Hope this info can help someone

Thanks for this alseu. I have tried all those suggestions in advance but appreciate you sharing your experience. Our PCs are practically identical so good to see you've got yours stable. My monitor refresh rate is already set at its 144hz. Did you do something else in the bios or wattman or something for the memory issue? That's the only thing that I may be able to try from your suggestion but again... My refresh rate is already set at 144hz so don't see how that would help unfortunately.



The only changes in bios are:
1) DDR4 memory is set to 3600mhz cl 16-19-19-38 (xmp is 3466mhz cl 16 and xmp profile is not stable with latest bios - it gives rounding erros when running prime95 stress test) 
2) Win10 WHQL support is enabled

In Adrenalin i only change relive settings for capture and steaming and usually running card undervolted in order to get slightly higher clocks and a little bit higher perfomance. I don't use enchanced sync, anti-lag, chill or virtual super resolution but i was enabling Radeon image sharpening for certain titles.

I think that this memory clock thing is something that is related to certain monitor models since i read reports about ppl using single 1440p 144hz monitors with Radeon rx 5700 series graphic cards and having memory being able to dynamically change clocks depending on tasks while with the monitor i have memory is constantly being "stuck" at it's max value (there is a discussion on this forum with more info RX 5700 XT memory clock stuck causing high temps when idle  ) . It can be related to the blackscreen issue but  requires more data from users.

I've spoken to AMD and they've said categorically this should not be happening and advised me to resend it back to them. Unfortunately I bought from Ebuyer so can only get a like for like replacement but I'll order a different card I think from Amazon, test that for a week, and then sell whatever Ebuyer replace my reference 5700XT with. Real shame as when it works it destroys games.