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Journeyman III

5700 XT running at 85 degrees


Just finished a new build with a MSI 5700 XT MECH OC.

I have the latest drivers installed but what I noticed is after about 10mins of running a game my temps are in the 85 degree mark.

From what I read this is normal for this card but I dont like it being this high. 

I tried using auto undervolt but when I try to load Fornite my display goes black.

I noticed some threads mentioning fan curves and manual undervolting.

Can anyone tell me what settings I should be changing to get this card down to around 70-75 degree and how much perfomance I would lose from this?


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Journeyman III

I done some testing and found this out:

Stock settings/fan curves etc, started Star Wars Fallen Jedi for 10mins - Temp reached 85 degree
Same as above but took the side panel off - Temp reached 75-77 degree.

In the Phantek P350X there was only 1 intake fan and I fitted an extra 1 exhaust fan on the rear, possibility to add more fans in future but right now will see about tweaking the GPU.

I then tried some fan curve suggestions online, got the temp down to 74 degree but the noise was horrendous at 3000RPM lol.

Tried reducing the curve but temps would slowly creep back up to 80's.

Then decided to try undervolting. Used the "Auto Undervolt" feature and was hit with a "software has crashed" error. Last night we tried auto undervolting which never crashed but when starting fortnite I got a black screen and had to manually reboot the PC.

On to manually undervolting…

Was told to change it from 2019MHz to 1900MHz and the voltage from 1199mV to 1100mV. Also changed the max fan curve to 45%.

Results came in at 80 degree max and fan at 1800RPM.

In terms of performance loss I don't think there was much.

We then tried 1900MHz and reduced voltage to 1000mV to see if it would still be stable and how much it reduced the temps and RPM too. This crashed in the Tomb Raider benchmark.

We then upped it to 1050mV which ran a little but then black screened.

So we know 1900 @ 1100 seem stable. Passes the Tomb Raider benchmark and also had Fornite running for a bit. Told him to test it in gaming for a while and keep an eye on temperatures. We will also run a Superposition benchmark to check stability.

If this passes then our next step would be either upping MHz in 25 increments to see how high we can get it to run on the 1100mV. After that we would just alter the fan curve slightly till the maximum was at a bearable noise which should lower the 80 degree we get currently.

Would 80 degree be acceptable or should we lower the MHz even more to drop the mV and get even more reduction in temps?

In the end... if this card was to run at 85 degree constant, is that acceptable for this card? It wont break it?

Journeyman III

Also now getting black screens again (had this at stock settings too).

Tried everything and posted in the other topic regarding this.

What a complete joke of a card!