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Journeyman III

5700 XT Downclocking, any workarounds?

I am having a pretty good experience overall with my 5700 XT.

I do suffer from the downclocking issue in certain games, the main culprit being in DCS. I notice the card lowering its clockspeeds a lot, and in very rapid succession, often causing stuttering and lag spikes. Is there any way to force a constant clock speed that anyone has discovered yet?

And no, it is not a CPU or Memory bottleneck. I am running on a 9600KF with 16gb of 3200mhz ram and have monitored usage of both with no qualms. I simply need a method of forcing the card to maintain a constant clock speed.

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Journeyman III


Same problem here.

For instance when i play to overwatch, i will have 190fps in quick game, in ranked i will start at 150 fps and fall to 100-90 (20-30% of the gpu), in champ select i will have 300 fps.

I tried the radeon software but it doesn't work, u can't force your gpu.

Msi afterburner doesn't work too.