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Journeyman III

5700 XT Crash, Boot Loop, Instabality and Wattman Fix

I had been trying to get my system stable and running for about 2 weeks now spent the better part of 40 or so hours trouble shooting it. I was having TDR failures on Boot, the system wouldn't Post, And when I was able to log into windows the device was either not function and was disabled or when it was working at very diminished results compared to others benchmarks around 20% of expected and then would crash in certain applications. I was Just about to RMA the card when I decided to try a fresh install of windows and not install the display drivers until I had all the windows updates installed, and Force Gen 3 PCI in the BIOS. Doing the DDU and re installing the drivers and all the other advice on here didn't work, I however didn't Force PCI GEN 3 until my final attempt where everything works as advertised. So maybe try that if you don't want to do a total drive wipe and reinstall windows. My system is stable and getting superb results this is the order I performed them hope it help some one out there and saves them 2 weeks of frustration. I am running a MSI B450i Gaming Plus AC MoBo with Ryzen 3600.

-Enter Bios and force GEN 3 PCIE as max allowable (was causing issues for me if left in auto)

-Clean Install Windows 10, Windows will auto install the newest driver via the windows store note an issue.

-Download and install Chipset Drivers from AMD not your MoBo vender, Reboot

-Install Windows update, Reboot when it advise to do so. repeat until your version is current version 1903 as of now

-Download Radeon software and Driver package from AMD, install and Reboot.

Wattman reports what gpu is doing now (before was empty all zeroes) and I can even change fan curve and OC, no stability issues so far and doing amazing in stress test and gaming so far. can finally enjoy gaming again.

Radeon Software Version - 19.7.5
Radeon Software Edition - Adrenalin 2019
Graphics Chipset - AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT
Memory Size - 8176 MB
Memory Type - GDDR6
Core Clock - 1755 MHz
Windows Version - Windows 10 (64 bit)
System Memory - 32 GB @ 3200Mhz XMP enabled
CPU Type - AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor

Motherboard - MSI B450I Gaming Plus AC

PSU - 600W FSP Dagger 80 Plus Gold

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