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Journeyman III

5700 XT Card problems

Please can someone help me....

I bought a Sapphire 5700xt about 6 months back and the weird thing is it doesnt matter if i run on 1080p or 4k the fps never change in all games except DOOM 2016 and Doom Eternal the frames at 1080p is like 160 on all extreme...

With Rust and Warzone i play the most these days 1080p with all LOW settings is on 50-60 fps and on 4k its 70-80 fps with meduim

Can someone please explain this ?!?!


I have tried everything i just want at least 100fps

my PC specs :

1x 16gig ddr 4 2400mhz

AMD ryzen 7 1700x

Samsung ssd 450gig

MSI b450m bazooka plus

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Journeyman III

This is when it idlesThis is when it idles


While i was running the gameWhile i was running the game


cpu bottleneck, low singlecore performance, many games are cpu heavy but cant utilize more than 6-8 threads, doom isnt cpu heavy so you have many fps, everytime your gpu isnt utilized to nearly 100% its most CPU problem, i have 1600X@4,2GHz and still waiting for R5 3600 lower prices to play some cpu heavy games with better framerate (i have 5700XT too)

btw. its always better to use two(or four) memory stick so 2x8GB instead of 1x16GB of yours, also 2400MHz is quite low


Thanx for the ANSWER but why then in 4k is the same FPS as in 1080p if the CPU was not enough then it would lag AF on higher screen resolution ?

Thats all i want to know if so then i will get the Ryzen 5600x




The CPU is probably limiting your FPS mostly because you are just using one memory channel.

The CPU handles the in-game calculations so limits the max FPS as it works things out, it doesn't have to do any more calculations for higher resolutions, the GPU is doing the extra work at the higher resolutions.

I would recommend you invest in either a matching 16GB stick of memory to what you have or 2x 8GB sticks of 3000/3200 memory. You would want to be using dual channel memory when you upgrade to the 5600X anyway.


I have a 3600 and 5700xt and still having more issues than good gaming sessions.
The thing is that the 5700xt is total garbage in terms of drivers.