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Adept I

5700 XT - Black Screen with distorted noise followed by crash during game

I'm kind of reaching my ends here with this card and mainly because it is just so random. I'm giving it a high threshold because I know the card is good and I'd like to keep it but waiting for drivers is killing me.

It mainly happens in Final Fantasy 14 sometimes minutes or sometimes hours after I've played. It will suddenly go blank with no warning, it used to be a long buzz noise for 10 seconds or so and then it would shut off. It now plays a distorted buzz noise for 3 seconds followed by shutting off. The weird thing being that some games I've seen it only once in like Metal Gear Solid V and Batman Arkham Knight. I played Dark Souls on it for hours and hours and never got the issue so I'm thinking something is happening under full load. The problem is most common in an MMO it seems and I can say that the GPU utility is usually very high in it.

I've done everything I can think of. I've DDU'd the drivers multiple times and I get beyond excited when I see a new driver update hoping it will fix it. Even with today's update I'm still getting the problem. Recently today I've reseated the graphics card and haven't had much time to test it but I've gone so far as to make sure I have two separate GPU connectors rather than one that branches off into two. In Adrenaline software I have ran at stock settings, still crashes. Sometimes it will go blank for a split second and recover. As of right now I have the fans way up past stock and temps never seem to reach past 80c as opposed to the 90c+ they do on stock. Power limit is also set to 50% above. No additional overclocks. 

I've done BIOS updates, windows updates, and the computer really doesn't have anything on in the background major except for Steam. It's a very clean new build. Even going through the event viewer doesn't give me enough clues as to what would cause it. 

My RAM passed a full night of memtest, reseated just in case. I've turned off hybrid mode on my PSU just in case. I've plugged in the mobo, cpu cable just because and made sure the PCI-E cables were especially tight. 

I can return the card essentially whenever due to store warranty so that is going to be my next step and I'll likely get another one of these just to make sure but I was hoping to at least make it til the store I got it from gets the reference cards even with a bandaid just to make it that far. And I don't know if the card is 100% to blame here, who knows with a new build but I haven't experienced a problem in all my years of building PCs quite like this one and symptoms seem to go to the GPU. 

If anyone has any advice, I will gladly take it and if I need to give more info I can. I've had AMD cards before and I'd prefer to avoid supporting Nvidia so let me have it.

AMD Ryzen 3700x @ stock

16 GB RAM currently set on a tested stable profile of 3.2ghz (Issue arises even on stock)

Asus x570 Prime-Pro Motherboard on most recent BIOS as of 9/4/2019

750w Seasonic Focus Plus Platinum PSU

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Adept I

Missed the part where I said I was waiting for the store to get reference card, what I meant is the aftermarket cards like XFX, etc.

Also forgot to mention running Windows 10 Home on this computer.

Adept I

Similar issues here.
Just tried 19.9.1, released 9/4/2019 - no fix.


During install of Display Drivers, screen goes glitchy, then blacks out.
During reboot, at login screen, screen goes glitchy and blacks out.


Safe Mode and uninstallation with DDU allows me to reboot into normal login.

Only stable enough to use desktop when AMD Display Driver is uninstalled, and using Microsoft Basic Display Adapter.

Games are not an option at this point.




ASRock Radeon RX 5700 XT

AMD RYZEN 7 3700X 8-Core 3.6 GHz

G.SKILL TridentZ Series 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4 3200

Journeyman III

I'm not sure if this will work for you but having the RX 5700, I remember coming across someone recommending that I use the 19.7.5 drivers instead of upgrading to the latest 19.9.1 drivers. I followed that advice and haven't come across many issues on the older driver, I think it may be worth a try so that it's usable until you have fully stable and updated drivers for the XT. Hope this helps 


I feel like I remember getting it on 19.7.5 but I've heard that is a really stable driver from things I've gathered online. Gonna move to that if I get it again after my current solution. 

Adept I

Possible fix/troubleshooting help.

Try a different monitor!

My Issues were occurring while hooked up to a smart TV through HDMI. (I was unable to get to desktop before the screen glitched out and went black)

I brought my rig to a buddy and after he hooked up his older 1080p 60hz monitors, I saw zero display issues while using the same AMD Display Drivers that were blacking out with the TV. (This includes running a game flawlessly, plus, I was able to get into Adrenaline settings and play with the fan curve without issue.)

I have not yet been able to test out my ultra-wide 1440p 100hz monitor yet, but if that works/gives issues, I will try to lock the refresh rate to 60hz and test/tune from there.

My buddy told me to take a look at the monitor hardware settings through the AMD Adrenaline program. If you are able to see a wonky refresh rate listed for the monitor, that may be your issue (assuming your system is stable enough to even open Adrenaline).

If you cannot get it stable enough to open up Adrenaline, test with a 60hz monitor, or see if you can go into your monitor settings and lock it to 60hz.


It was happening on my old 60hz monitor and I replaced it with a 144hz just because it was time for an upgrade. It still occurred on both, both with HDMI and Displayport. Made sure Enhanced Sync was off on both. 

How long is your dp cable if it is over 2 metres you have to find a settings>Display>overrides>and adjust both pre emphisis and voltage swing to 1 if you haven’t tried this because I had a similar prob that you described regularly and made those adjustments and now it happens very rarly like maybe once a month as apposed to when ever I changed the game  I was playing

Adept I

Thanks for all the replies.

So far I haven't gotten the crashing issue since reseating the card but that being said I haven't had a whole lot of time gameplay wise and it's so intermittent is what bothers me. Sometimes I think upping the fan speed fixes it, then it goes and crashes. Than I reinstall drivers... There it crashes again. 

Since reseating the card, I've noticed very subtle black screen flickering, once again in Final Fantasy XIV and I think once in Arkham Knight, probably the most demanding game I'm playing right now. I'll try and get some more time in a game to get a better sample as to whether or not reseating it helps. The flickering definitely has me believing it will happen again and I'm still curious as to why it is happening in mainly Final Fantasy Online. 

I'll keep this post updated to make sure if anyone else has the same issue, they can hopefully find their own solution to the same problem. 

Adept I

Well after playing FF14 for a bit, it did the black screen with a long constant noise but recovered itself. Not really sure what that means at this point but maybe someone will have some insight.

Journeyman III

I'm experiencing the same with Gears 5 on my Samsung Q8FN TV on 4K HDR Freesync 2 enabled. Random black screen flashes and then it returns to normal. Also occasional graphics card crashes. Weird because I played Control on my other monitor at 1440p no problems. 

My issue has happened on both a non-freesync 60hz monitor and a freesync monitor with 144hz. I know the time it happened to me in Batman Arkham Knight, the fan was on stock so I imagine it got hot and shut off since it is the reference model. After I turned it up it didn't happen again and funny enough, since that game's PC port was initially awful, the game runs smooth with no crashes.

My 5700XT sounds like a jet taking off where I have the fans to the point of almost hitting 70% threshold on average. I bumped them up even more after that recovery black screen yesterday just to see if it really is just a sensitive heat issue. I should have more insight on if that really is just the issue here even though temps are in normal range for this card. My next step will be to underclock the card to see if I can bring the fans down. 

I'm definitely getting an aftermarket card whenever they become more available. I spent the money on Noctua fans but the graphics card is just destroying the sound coming from my computer even if the heat isn't my cause of issue. Expected of a blower style card but I've had them before and never had to set the fans so high.

Adept I

So after months of frustration I think I finally found the solution so for anyone else experiencing this in the future, I did a bit more research and found that the card is essentially, even in the reference model, pushed to its potential with little overclocking room. 

I think I ended up with a card that maybe just lacks a good chip or whatever but I had to lower the Frequency to 1950mhz and the voltage to roughly 1098. I went ahead and lowered the power limit to -20% as well. With these settings, I've yet to crash and my temperatures are so much better, I can finally keep the fans below 50% curve and my PC doesn't sound like it's preparing for lift off. I think maybe the factory "overclock" was just not working well with my specific card. 

I'm hoping this is just the end of the problem since now I can wait for either the next set of higher end Navi cards or see if I can catch a good deal on an aftermarket card one day. 

Who knows but I hope this info helps somebody out in the future who also might be experiencing black screens with their 5700 XT.

Adept I

A quick update: Undervolting my card helped it not be so loud but still crashing in FF14. I've had it crash once in Metal Gear Solid V and once in Batman Arkham Knight long ago so I'm pretty sure it's not game specific although I havent seen it crash in any other game but FF14 for months. Maybe it is just a driver issue. Very saddening. I think I'm gonna have to switch out the card soon cause spending my time troubleshooting versus playing an actual game is wearing me thin. 

Having any luck?

My card does okay, but is still loud.
Stock settings except for undervolting to 1100mv, and upping the fan curve.

Not super happy with the Radeon settings not always booting with my fan curve profile, so if I forget to manually turn it on, the poor card burns itself up until it throttles and crashes.

However, when it DOES work, this card has the performance potential. I'm running War Thunder maxed out on 1440 @ 100hz monitor at 120+ fps, and Escape from Tarkov nearly maxed (minus super-sampling) at 100fps

Adept I

Hello guys i also have been suffering with Black screens while playing FFXIV, i turned off DX11 and played in borderless windowed mode, seemed to fix the issue


Did you ever get to the bottom of this? I just sent my Power color Red dragon 5700xt in for RMA. I had exact same issue as you explained playing CoD Warzone. The ended up sending me a "refurbished" card and admitting they couldn't find a problem with mine. 

Of course, the "new" card has the same issue (just my luck). I've done all the things you said, as well as replacing my PSU with a Seasonic Titanium. I even ran another 5700xt from my friend for weeks with no issue. 

Any additional info you might be able to provide would be great. I'm about 1 crash away from switching over to team Green.... Thanks.


If you ran another 5700xt from your friend for weeks with no issue on the same config, then the problem lies in these 2 cards from Powercolor. 


For what it is worth, updating my chipset drivers to the latest release (04/21) seemed to change the nature of the problem. Apparently there have been reported issues with power delivery with the older chipset drivers for my mobo (Asus TUF X570 Plus). Since I've updated, the 'crashing' issue has slightly changed/improved. 

Now instead of a hard crash followed by windows boot, the card actually acts like it is stuttering really bad and I get the buzzing sound in the headphones. This persists for maybe 30 seconds, then stops and everything returns to normal. Certainly an improvement from the hard crash, but still a strange occurrence. It seems to be happening on the same frequency as when the crashes were happening (say every 5 - 6 hours of play). I'm playing COD Warzone exclusively, have not tried on any other games yet. 

Just wanted to provide what has helped me to date, as I feel I've tried everything listed here and then some. Good luck.


I did get to the bottom of it by replacing the card. I went to a 2080 super and it fixed the issue. 

More than likely if anyone is experiencing this issue, your card is likely bad. I did just about everything possible. I see people still posting to this so I figured I'd chime in after a couple years.

You can get a defective card with any brand so I don't want to trash on the card itself since a lot of people had success with it. 

I will say I somehow luckily upgraded to the 6900xt with Sapphire. It's an awesome card so I can vouch for the new series being great. No issues whatsoever.