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Adept I

5600xt crashes 20.2.2 has possibly made it worse

system specs:

MB: X570 I AORUS pro wifi

CPU: Ryzen 7 3700x

Ram: AORUS RGB Memory 16GB (2x8GB) 3200MHz

Graphics: Gigabyte RX 5600 XT GAMING OC 6G

PSU: Toughpower Grand RGB 750W Gold

The rig was built in Oct 2019, at the time i still had my R290X graphics card. I've not zero crashes for months until I've upgraded the R290X to 5600XT. for best compatibility and mostly brand loyalty i always went with gigabyte over others as you can see from the list, so i thought things would just work but apparently not. I have to note that i did upgrade the bios on the 5600XT using the FA0 flash at Radeon™ RX 5600 XT GAMING OC 6G | Graphics Card - GIGABYTE New Zealand  to gain the most out of the card.

The card worked fine in games (WoW, bf5, apex, PoE) the only ones i play currently. This was on 20.2.1. but i did get random crashes when on twitch or even browsing chrome. it happens more frequently when the computer wakes up from sleep. the release notes of 20.2.2 got me very excited but actually made it worse. i now get crashes in game! which makes raiding impossible. with 20.2.2 i followed the recommendations of turning off the enhanced sync, in fact i disabled everything, enhanced sync, anti-lag, chill, boost, everything. i even used DDU to uninstall and reinstall the drivers twice and also not even click on the turning tab so no overclocks/under volts whats so ever. basically as out of the box as i can get it. still it crashes. A friend of mine has the 5700xt he said he gets blue screens but after changing the power plan to performance it has fixed it for him. I tried the same, performance plan and even the AMD Ryzen high performance plan, still the same issue.

When i say crash i mean my screen goes black, speakers buzz and then after about 2 seconds my pc restarts itself. After it restarts the Adrenalin software does not start. when i manually start the AMD Radeon Software from desktop it will flash and the close it self. i have to manually restart the computer again to be have the driver software start. I actually tried to just leave the driver software not started and see what happens but still it crashed after about 20min.

I don't think its a hardware issue because on the good days i can game for hours and not get a crash other days it crashes every 10-15 min. the temps never go above 67c because i have 5 cooling fans. 

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Adept I


I've got the same Gigabyte card and also having similar problems since yesterday (06.03.2020) on adrenalin 20.2.2. What I saw, card crashes constantly now when I'm enetering games like AC oddysey, or Monster Hunter World. Just crashing right in game menu. Sometimes is just exiting to windows, other times its BSOD or freezing the screen. I was watching odd behaviour in HWinfo64, for the last two weeks card was running perfectly it often was boosting on core to 1725mhz. But yesterday when I was lunching games, core was boosting to 1845mhz and crashing. I'm pretty sure its amd drivers issue. I manually decresed core speed to 1375mhz and there was no crashing at all, but what i saw the card graphic chip is already damaged. I put amd driver back to its default settings, and now Im getting random pc restarts, radeon softwere is not responding etc. Lucky for me, I've got few days left to return the card and I've started RMA for this, cause I'm pretty sure card is already damaged.

Edit: Just had a restart, obviously GPU related. Noticed that after restart Ryzen power plans disapeared. But its easy to fix

Adept I

It sounds like your issue is more severe, I don't get any BSOD but just this morning when i turned on the pc it crashed as soon as windows booted, it happened twice in a row and only got into windows on the third boot. I honestly think its getting worse by the day, so depressing. You're lucky you can RMA yours, i wouldn't even know how to get my RMAed, the shop i bought it wouldn't want to take it back because i'm not confident myself that its a hardware issue. not even sure what to do at this point. feel like money down the drain for me..

edit, i monitored my clocks via the overlay in game, it peaked at 1746mhz but stayed under 1730mhz 90% of the time. looks ok to me


Funny thing, because I've had similar 2 crashes this morning. Just after windows load, i started chrome and boom, bunch of artefacts (small white pixels on the center of the screen) and freeze, then BSOD. Second crash just after windows started. Didn't even tried 3rd time. If you can try to put graphic card to other cpu. I've red that few people get it working again on fresh windows. I'm guessing that new amd drivers are really destroying rx 5600 xt, especially gigabyte gaming oc and sapphire pulse with a new bios on em. Also check core speed just at the moment when it crashes. Mine card is pretty much dead now so cant test it anylonger. rx 5600 xt is such a new card, that very few people have it, so there's not much of feedback towards amd. I hope this will be fixed soon. This card have a great potential but drivers kills this piece of great hardware.

Journeyman III

Good day to you. It seem that i also having the same issue that you currently facing. I also using the same Gigabyte RX 5600 XT GAMING OC 6G and encounter more than 7 crash with some of it is BSOD (TDR failure) after updating to latest 20.2.2 version. I'm not sure if increase the delay in TDR register would helps, but i getting more crash even if im just browsing the internet. The screen will turn black and then the PC would restart. Still considering to return it to the shop and go for another gfx.

Adept I

Try flashing back the old bios and see if you still have these issues. I have a powercolor rx 5600 xt red devil and only solution for me was flashing back the old bios. It seems AMD released these new bioses, convinced that every card is able to run at those speeds but apparently not all of them are stable with the new BIOS. In other words, you paid too much for the performance of the card.


Did you run DDU and reinstall the driver? Sometimes setting to default settings can also help.

ryzen 5600 + 6700 XT
Adept I

Hi, I am also running a Sapphire RX 5600 XT Card, and mine worked fine for one week after doing the Bios Update (V_1.03). when Adrenalin Software updated on 20.2.2 my system wouldn't boot anymore. 

I tried a clean windows install, but every time I try to install Adrenalin 20.2.2 my system won't boot anymore.

I am trying now to downgrade my BIOS on the card, but I do not see this as the proper solution.


This does not help solve the problem. More insight: The system crashes when the PC tries to upgrade the Display Adapter. The "windows disconnect sound" comes, then black screen, restart, and no more windows boot possibility.

I have tried with different Bios versions, different Adrenalin versions, nothing works.

I am afraid this is after one last windows update... 

Adept I

Hey Guys This Fixed all the instability for My XFX Radeon 5700

Uninstall all the Gfx (Drivers Clean) --- Restart --- Open Device Manager -- Right Click Gfx card --- Update Driver --- Point the C:\AMD Directory (This is where AMD Unzips the Driver packages)  and it should install the Latest Driver

Started Using MSI Afterburner for Fan Control


The Additional Software Crap is not Stable and Causes heck a lot of problems... i have Such a stable gaming without any Crashes 

tryin this right now.... give me luck! 

I cant believe how much it takes to officially fixing this issues.... they are making some Systems obsolete.... (like me , i cant even work)


Thanks for sharing your results. Make sure to share it with AMD, they don't seem to get it is their interface and wattman causing the stability issues:

Adept I

Kethos did you fix the issues with your card ???I have also purchased the same card and am having the same issues like you mentioned. You mentioned games freezing, black screens, speaker buzz etc have you also seen some static as well?? some times when the games crash i see some static ( black white green and magenta pixels not artifacting like a black screen followed by some static ) .I though  maybe the FA 0 bios was unstable but no the games crash wehn i flashed the original bios the card came with as well . Can you believe this it's been months since AMD launched the Navi series cards and I was so excited and even now they cant even get the drivers right forget about the 5600xt owners having problems people who bought the 5700 and the 5700xt also have problems even now . I dont think even the 20.2.2 drivers have solved a lot of problems . I had a r9 270x and then bought a rx 570 which died in october last year I was using the old r9 270x as a place holder gpu but now i am seriously considering taking out my old rx 570 and reinstalling the drivers as well as It was also giving me black screen flashes . Many polaris card owners people who bought it cheap a few months ago  have also posted complaints about screen flashing. I swear if AMD keeps this up this will be the last time I buy any more amd gpus .

Let's hope for the best. My specs are : CPU: Ryzen 1600 @ stock

                                                               RAM: Hyper x 8gb 2400 mhz single channel

                                                            MOBO: Gigabyte AB 350 gaming 3

                                                                PSU:Corsair VS 650

Adept III

Same here! Same card, same issues hahaha.

Any update? I decided to flash back to the F2 bios and it's working fine.. but you know... sad about not being able to take the most from the card :/

Journeyman III

Having the exact same issue. 

Bought the gigabyte rx 5600 xt when I had an old i5-4xxx CPU and a 520w PSU. 

Flashed the FA0 bios and instantly started getting green screen and restarts. Flashed back to F2 and didn't have any issues. 

As I thought this was caused by my PSU I decided to upgrade my setup. 

Now I have: 

ASUS ROG strix B450-f motherboard. 

AMD ryzen 9 3900x CPU

16GB Corsair vengeance 2666mhz ram. 

Corsair RM750x Gold plus PSU.

Decided to try and upgrade to FA0 bios again but still facing the exact same issue. 

F2 bios works though, but really want the extra performance. 

Very disappointed. 

There are some people currently running it fine flashed to the FA0 but they seem to have done some tweakings... like undervolting gpu

Adept II

  • I have the same card, and I had a lot of problems since I updated the bios. After many gigabyte emails, I have been told that not all cards can be upgraded from bios. Which they do not say anywhere or on their website. Only those that have just left manufacturing are upgradeable. They are low specs of the 5600 xt. Great gigabyte scam for not being clear.

I had the same issue, and I'm happy you got to the bottom of it.

I contacted support, and they're beyond unhelpful! The only thing they said is that I flashed the wrong BIOS, which was very confusing since there's only one BIOS that increases clocks, the FA0. I asked many times which bios I should've flashed, and the only reply I got was 'flashing the wrong bios may cause problems, please proceed with an RMA.'  To make matters worse, I bought my graphics cards while I was in the US, and with the COVID debacle, I'm stuck in Europe. Even after explaining my situation, Gigabyte refuses to honor the warranty in the first two years because "the RMA has to go through the seller". Oh, and they also "cannot provide the original BIOS" which would solve the issue!

I'm stuck with a $300 paperweight. I'm jaded from trying to reason with gigabyte support, I gave up... But at least now I know it was not my screw up. One thing is for sure, I won't be buying gigabyte again.

Sorry for the long rant but I think this may be relevant for people considering buying Gigabyte in the future.

  • In my case it was solved by installing F2. It is stable but without the extra gain in performance. It seems they want to get rid of it at any cost. Too bad Gigabyte.
  • I hope it helps. If not here you can download the factory bios. VGA Bios Collection | TechPowerUp 
Journeyman III

Current Set Up:
GPU: AMD Sapphire Pulse 5600xt 6GB OC 
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core 3.6GHz (not OC)
Memory: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3200MHz CL16 Memory Kit 
MOBO: MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AM4
Current GPU Driver Version: 20.4.2

I have the same issue with the crashing description "screen goes black, speakers buzz and then after about 2 seconds my pc restarts itself". So far it only happened twice to me when i played Modern Warfare Warzone, but its sad because my computer is less than a month old, considering the graphics card exceeds the hardware recommendations for Warzone.

I notice that there is a new GPU driver update: 20.5.1, which was released 2020-05-29 (two days ago) that fixes in game crashes for some games. However, the release note mentions that "Enhanced Sync may cause a black screen to occur when enabled on some games and system configurations. Any users who may be experiencing issues with Enhanced Sync enabled should disable it as a temporary workaround." and "Some users may still experience black screen or system hang issues during extended periods of gameplay. AMD will continue to monitor and investigate reports of these issues closely." as a known issues.

AMD team lets get those hardware and firmware devs working to resolve this issue! #5600xt #Crash 

I'm going to turn on the setting that allows me to share crashes with the AMD dev team.



I have the very same setup as yours except for the mobo as I am using Gigabyte Aorus B450 Elite. 

I've been having the same issues too and it is endless. I've been stuck to this VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE (failed amdkmdag.sys). I tried several fixes already and still stuck. It happens randomly and not even gaming. I've tried the latest AMD drivers same thing. 

I hope they find a way to fix this. I so frustrated already.

I just got the same error, again. Wasn't gaming, I was just remoting into my company laptop for work....sigh.

Bugcheck Code 278 or 0x00000116 "VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE"

Adept I

Hey guys, I saw people are still visiting this thread and thought i should pop back and share what happened with my card, so following xirombinha 's suggestion i went and flashed the bios back to F2 for stability, that along with setting the pcie to gen 3 in bios has stopped me from getting blackscreens in game however, when the computer is idle i would still get crashes to the point where i had to open a game (any game) and leave it running the the background to prevent crashes. but even that, i cant have the pc sleep because it wouldnt wake so on every cold start it would crash, it takes usually 5~8 restarts to get into windows everyday which was a pain.

This month gigabyte released the F3 bios. this has permanently fixed all issues for me, never had a crash in two weeks, i can use sleep and never have to disable hardware acceleration etc. I did ran into some issues trying to flash the F3 though. when i tried just running the executable from the download it wouldn't flashing saying my bios wasn't compatible. but downloading AMDVbFlash and then loading in the flash.bin file worked. 

if you have the gigabyte 5600xt and not yet updated to F3 bios do it. the usual reinstalling driver with ddu or reinstall windows crap never worked, i reinstalled my whole system several times from usb and even bought a new ssd drive, did nothing. the bios fixed everything.

i cant believe amd would let partners like gigabyte get away with buggy bios for months when people are suffering left right center on the forum complaining about buggy drivers when they should've enforced bios upgrades

anyway best of luck with your cards, im now happy with my 5600xt

Thanks, kethos‌ your suggestion really helps me to solve my issue. I faced several GSOD and also BSOD. When streamed through discord or OBS game crushed.

Mainly faced problems with PUBG and Apex Legends.

I am really frustrated. Also no help from the gigabyte technical team. 

Also showing f3 bios version is not compatible with my card. 

So after reading kethos's suggestion I used AMDVbFlash or atiflash (same thing) and hola problem is solved. 

Really AMD should take major steps to stop this type of nonsense. Also, the AMD adrenaline driver should be more optimized.

Also if you google AMD GPU you can see tons of problems which was faced by the users. Why AMD is not taking any steps? It just hampers the goodwill of AMD.

My issues were even before booting into windows, sometimes the motherboard would just go on a beeping rampage, and the computer would immediately reboot. Support was beyond unhelpful. I've tried flashing all the different compatible bios I could get my hands on, first from gigabyte's website and then factory bios from techpowerup. I resigned and came with terms with the fact that I bought a very expensive brick and can't do an RMA before travel restrictions are lifted.

I was reluctant to flash the new BIOS because I thought it would amount to nothing, but I decided to do it anyway. Lo and behold, it works! I haven't tried a long gaming session, but it's stable. Previously, even the most mundane task, like watching a video on youtube or browsing, would get me BSOD. The bottom line is the issue was due to the BIOS!

Maybe Gigabyte was not aware of AMD's last-minute plan to boost the card's clocks to compete with the RTX 2060, and were left with little to no time to deliver performance on a card that was simply not designed for it. Probably, Gigabyte's team had to rush a "working" BIOS to avoid losing to other manufacturers. Who wants a brand new RX 5600XT without the clock boost AMD just announced? Regardless, I happy that the issue has been addressed, and I can use my graphics card, but also sad that Gigabyte resorted to these shady practices and kept us in the dark while they worked on it.

Silverlining, I'm not making the mistake of buying into last-minute spec boosts through BIOS updates anymore! I wanted my BIOS tested and stable.