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Journeyman III

2nd monitor using 7700x integrated graphics has mouse cursor offset after upgrading gpu

On the monitor I plug into the motherboard's HDMI port to use my cpu's IGP, the cursor is offset about 20 pixels down and 20 pixels to the right. The offset only seems to happen on the "window" part of applications, i.e. the resizing handles and where it detects my mouse when I try to drag a window around, and when I try to click close or minimize. In the application itself, things seem to be okay. Additionally, when I do click on a window ui element, the cursor snaps to the right position but returns to the original position when I release the mouse button.

update: i've also tried booting into safe mode to run DDU and uninstall both AMD and nvidia drivers and then reinstalled the 7900xtx driver. What I noticed was that before I installed it, the cursor offset was not present. So it seems to be something up with AMD Adrenalin.

This only started happening when I upgraded from RTX 3070 to the XFX 7900XTX, if that affects anything. I did run Display Driver Uninstaller to remove the nvidia drivers and installed the AMD Adrenaline version for 7900xtx after booting up with the new GPU.  As far as I know, I deselected anything to do with AMD Drivers in DDU because I didn't want it to uninstall the integrated graphics drivers.

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