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Adept I

20.1.1 Driver Forgetting Settings

After updating to those new drivers for RX 5700 XT it looks like i just cant force them to remember chosen settings and they randomly decides to forget those and role back to default... Its like my grandmother with Alzheimer, you tell her something, and in 30min she cant remember what i told her... Can you pls just stop introducing new bugs? At this speed you will have whole hive of them in your drivers code... Why you keep destroying that beautiful peace of HW with those shi*y drivers?

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Journeyman III

I have this same problem too. AMD needs to do something right now. I mean, it has been, like, 6 months since the launch of 5700 XT.

Journeyman III

Does AMD even read these post. I mean i feel like i see the same thing over and over and over and they are more and more messed up every update. I want to cry every time I remember i bought this 5700xt over the 2070super.